Role of Politics in the Development of Virtual Bitcoin Currency

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The first politically based work and subjective discussion of the Bitcoin currency system and how this virtual-currency impacts global financial markets, commercial banking, governmental policies from an investment and regulatory perspective, and its effect on our monetary lives in the near-future.


“Dr. Bracey’s present methodology is to supply a succinct, clear, concise, critical, cogent, and compelling political account to this exponentially emerging e-monetary phenomenon… [with] Bracey’s acute political economy research and scholarship, one will discover that the book is exquisitely thoughtful, witty, pioneering, and illuminating vis-à-vis the rapid expansion and usage of digital currency and forex.”
-Dr. Samuel Sarri,
Professor Economics, Finance, and Philosophy,
Nevada System of Higher Education, NSHE

“Bracey astutely examines how and why the virtual/ crypto-currency was created in the first place, especially in terms of politics…[he] gives us a timely and meaningful discussion of why the crypto-currency is important…this work should be of great value in the financial, economic and political fields.”
-Dr. Richard Numrich,
Lead Faculty / Economics
College of Southern Nevada

“This fascinating work gives an up-to-date, comprehensive explanation of how the crypto-currency might possibly replace hard currencies, and the politics involved in this serious, financial endeavor… it is a masterful approach to providing an itinerary for understanding the political and economic issues regarding the establishment of virtual currency.”
-Dr. Jerry Lockhart, CPA,
Accounting Professor, Dept. of Business,
College of Southern Nevada

Table of Contents

Foreword by Samuel Sarri
Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Viability of the Bitcoin Currency
Chapter III: Bitcoin Currency Speculators
Chapter IV: Mining for Bitcoin Currency
Chapter V: Fiscal Policy and Bitcoins
Chapter VI: Bitcoin Currency and the Banks
Chapter VII: Regulating Bitcoin Currency
Chapter VIII: The Government and Bitcoin Currency
Chapter IX: The Financial Problems of Bitcoins
Chapter X: Security and Theft of Bitcoins
Chapter XI: The Future of Bitcoins
Chapter XII: Conclusions
Appendix A – C

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