Why Environmental Solutions Especially Impact Minority People. The Racist Consequences of Climate Change

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This study is an urgent call to action to address the problems of environmental racism that manifests itself in the gradual eradication of quality of life in predominantly minority neighborhoods. This book heightens awareness of this environmentally racist connection by focusing on the policies and the intentional actions of corporate polluters and suggests potential solutions to combat the negative impact these dangerous corporations levy against minority communities.


“Students and scholars of science and the environment, politics and policy, history and sociology will benefit from Dr. Bracey’s analysis…To call the environment and racism hot-button issues is to say the obvious; to consider them in tandem makes understanding them and seeking to resolve them all the more crucial.”
-Dr. Michael Green,
Associate Professor of History,
University of Nevada

“American citizens are not fully informed about the health risks involved and negative consequences taking place within such affected minority neighborhoods. Professor Bracey has the background and experience with this issue necessary to write a work that can bring matters such as toxic pollution and racism to the awareness of the general public and offer workable solutions.”
-Dr. Geoffrey Frasz,
Professor of Philosophy,
College of Southern Nevada

“Dr. Bracey’s insightful book presents the “big picture” in terms of the Environmental Racism issue…the book is intriguing and unique among other volumes on the environment, as it brings together many current and environmental works and writings in regard to this matter…this powerful book also offers some solutions to this complicated environmental issue and should be essential reading for all who want to understand the problems and challenges facing our country on the issue of Environment Racism.”
-Glynda White, J.D.,
Professor of Business Law,
College of Southern Nevada

Table of Contents

Foreword by Michael Green
1. Environmental Assumptions and Distortions
2. Toxins and Other Environmental Concerns
3. The Polluted Environment
4. Environmental and Ethical Considerations
5. Racial Polarization and the Environment
6. Environmental Externalities
7. Illegal Environmental Activity
8. Environmental Policy Implementation
9. Environmental Contradictions
10. Doubters and Deniers of Environmental Racism
11. Environmental Justice
12. Environmental Possibilities
13. Challenges
14. Solutions to Environmental Racism
15. Conclusions
16. Bibliography
17. Index

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