Learning Technology in Continuing Professional Development

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This book, being a case study of the Galileo Network, a Canadian organization that exists to promote innovative teaching and learning practices among K-12 students and educators, contributes to current scholarship in such areas as continuous professional development, children’s learning with technology and educational reform. First, the study documents an innovative approach to continuous professional development that puts teachers in control of their own learning and leads to transformed practice as teachers develop innovative pedagogical approaches. Second, the study provides evidence that students in schools can participate in meaningful inquiry with the aid of technology and that teachers who are engaged in further learning themselves are better able to engage the hearts, minds and spirits of their pupils. Third, the study documents the work of the organization, which focuses on improving and increasing opportunities for children to inquire with technology by considering two problems: first, how to leverage the successful examples of children’s and teachers’ inquiry with technology throughout educational systems and communities and, second, how to build upon knowledge of the essential conditions for children’s meaningful learning with technology to guide larger and more widespread educational reform efforts, the conditions of such reform being defined and considered.


“While many books have been written about innovative continuing professional development of teachers, their success is often limited. It often proves difficult to change existing practice of teachers, especially through tradition in-services. What is unique and significant about this book is its extraordinary subject – the Galileo Education Network Association and its approach to continuing professional development ... We regard this book as an important contribution to the literature because it offers a rich and scholarly interpretation of sound evidence gathered through painstaking methods that only dedicated scholars are able and willing to apply.” – (from the Foreword) Professor Bert Einsiedel and Professor Stanley Varnhagen, University of Alberta

“Dr. Jacobsen’s book on the Galileo Network is an important contribution to our understanding of one of the most important educational initiatives of our time ... the work is timely, insightful and clearly written. It will be an important part of the Galileo approach and will help to inspire a new generation of teachers.” – Professor Ian Winchester, University of Calgary

“ ... the interface between technology and inquiry is a most interesting one, one that will keep me occupied in my own thinking for a while ... [this project] is the most exciting one existent in teacher development ...” – Professor William E. Doll, Louisiana State University

Table of Contents

List of Tables
Foreword by Bert Einsiedel and Stanley Varnhagen
1. The Greatest Piano Ever Invented
2. Disproportionately Bold from the Outset: A History of the Galileo Network
3. A Case Study Approach to Studying the Galileo Network
4. A Context for Continuous Professional Development
5. Transformations in Teacher Learning and Classroom Practice
6. Evidence of Engaged Student Learning
7. Measuring the Success of Galileo Network
8. Moving Foreword with an Inquiry Stance

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