Adult English Language Learners and Self-assessment. A Qualitative Study

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This study explores the relationship between adult English-language learners’ assessment of their own language proficiency on the English Ability Questionnaire (EAQ) and their performance on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). It addresses aspects of developing the “autonomous” student and makes for the integration of self-directed learners who will be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and how to address them


“The current study identifies the potential of language self-evaluation for expanding learner autonomy as well as adding an important and practical dimension to student placement in language classes and evaluations of outcomes. This research adds to the evidence that self-assessments of language proficiency have a role to play not only in how students are evaluated by others but also in their own metacognitive development as language learners.”
-Dr. Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth,
New York University

Table of Contents

List of Tables
Foreword by Dr. Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth
Chapter 1: Self-Assessment and Second-Language Acquisition
-The Concept of Self-Assessment
-Metacognition and Self-Assessment
-Self-Assessment and Language Learning
-Method and Validity of a Self-Assessment
-Approach in Language Learning
-Standardized Test
-Research Questions
Chapter 2: Participants and Methodology
-Ability Level
-Power Analysis
-Student Interviews
-Data Analysis
Chapter 3: Results: Self-Assessment Measures
-Descriptive Statistics
-The Five Subscales
Chapter 4: Results: Participants’ Interviews and Affective Factors
-Sample Portrait
-Affective Variables
-Desire to Learn about American Culture
-The Act of Risk-Taking
-Facing Anxiety
-The Sound of Music
Chapter 5: Discussion and Interpretation
-Research Question I
-Research Question II
-Research Question III
-Training in Self-Assessment
-Pedagogical Implications
-Recommendation for Further Research
Appendix A: Description of Study Posted at College
Appendix B: NCC Consent Form
Appendix C: English Ability Questionnaire (EAQ)
Appendix D: Language Learning Experience Questionnaire (LLEQ)
Appendix E: Frequency Tables from the Language Learning Experience Questionnaire

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