Hudson, Yeager

About the author: Yeager Hudson was educated at Millsaps College and Boston University. For the past 40 years he has been teaching at Colby College where he is Charles A. Dana Professor of Philosophy. He has published several books and many articles on the philosophy of religion, social/political philosophy, modern Indian philosophy, and gay and lesbian studies. As an editor for the Social Philosophy Today book series, he has served as co-editor for eight volumes and sole editor for three.

Communitarianism, Liberalism, and Social Responsibility
1992 0-7734-9656-4
Papers selected from the International Social Philosophy Conference in Vermont, 1990. The papers provide a continuing discussion of the issues related to liberalism, communitarianism, and distributive justice among scholars in social philosophy, and for class reading and discussion in college and university courses on social philosophy and politics. Headings include: The Foundations of Liberal Moral Theory; Liberal Morality in Practice; Liberalism in a Conservative Society; Philosophy and Community.

Cultural Integrity and World Community
2000 0-7734-7670-9
This volume brings together the work of philosophers, legal theorists, political scientists, and social scientists who are concerned over ethnic and cultural conflicts: the conflict between the need to adopt and enforce universal norms in the international community and the demand that we respect cultural differences; conflicts between individual and group interests; cultural conflict and globalization in relation to liberal theories of justice and economic development, and others.

Freedom, Dharma, and Rights
1993 0-7734-9363-8
Essays in this volume were selected from those presented at the ninth international social philosophy conference held in Dec.1991 at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India. The conference brought together thinkers from sixteen countries, discussing basic rights and the corresponding responsibilities that living in social communities involves. The conference was an especially valuable occasion for Westerners, who tend to think primarily in a "rights" mode, to discuss social issues with Indians, whose moral thinking tends to commence from the concept of "dharma" (duty or obligation). The papers here were chosen to be of the widest interest to readers, and to represent as much diversity of thought as possible.

Globalism and the Obsolescence of the State
1999 0-7734-7968-6
This work explores topics such as: globalism, justice, and federalism; State sovereignty; world community; violence and coercion; and designing social institutions.

Liberalism, Oppression, and Empowerment
1996 0-7734-9091-4
The papers selected here (from the Tenth International Social Philosophy conference, held in Davidson, North Carolina, summer 1992) work toward understanding and consensus concerning the meaning of the key concepts in current use, and how the most pressing social issues may be constructively addressed. Papers are by some of the leading social philosophers, lawyers, political scientists and other social thinkers from North America, Europe, Asia, Israel, and Africa. The editors selected essays which in their judgment were likely to be of widest interest and enduring value. Social Philosophy Today No. 10

Philosophical Essays on the Ideas of a Good Society
1988 0-88946-102-3
Essays arising from the first International Conference on Social Philosophy, which addressed some of the most important issues facing humankind at the end of the 20th century: justice; freedom; power; equality; privacy; conscience vs. law; technology and changing values; population; business ethics; nuclear war; violence; terrorism; and peace. Social Philosophy Today No.1

Rending and Renewing the Social Order
1996 0-7734-9687-4
The papers selected here (from the Twelfth International Social Philosophy Conference of the North American Society for Social Philosophy held in Maine in 1995) aspire to inject a measure of calm rational reflection into the often chaotic rhetoric and irrational actions of our times. Papers are by some of the leading social philosophers, lawyers, political scientists and other social thinkers from North America and several other parts of the world. Social Philosophy Today No. 12.

Revolution, Violence, and Equality
1991 0-88946-686-6
Papers selected from those presented at the Fifth International Conference on Social Philosophy, held in Montreal 1989, in celebration of the French Revolution. Topics include "Coersion, Fanaticism, and Violence," "The Enduring Lessons of the French Revolution," "Morality, Liberty, and Equality," and "Social Theory and the Justification of Social Order". Social Philosophy Today No. 3

Technology, Morality and Social Policy
1998 0-7734-8475-2
Essays from the 13th International Social Philosophy Conference.

Terrorism, Justice, and Social Values
1991 0-88946-739-0
Papers selected from the International Philosophy Conference at Guadalajara, Mexico, and others sponsored by the North American Society for Social Philosophy present issues related to terrorism and social values, for class reading and discussion. Social Philosophy Today No. 4

The Bill of Rights: Bicentennial Reflections
1993 0-7734-9264-X
Examines issues raised by the fundamental claim that there are rights belonging to human beings merely by virtue of the fact that they are human. Headings include: Perspectives on the Bill of Rights; Rights and Justice; Rights, Technology, and Medicine; Rights, Ideology, and Social Theory; Rights and Freedom; Rights, Ethnicity, and Diversity in the World Community. Social Philosophy Today No. 8

The Social Power of Ideas
1995 0-7734-9043-4
Ours is a time when we need to be reminded that forcefully-expressed ideas have in fact wrought huge changes in the world -- sometimes of great good, sometimes of overwhelming evil. The theme of these essays is that the hope of the next century of human history hangs on our ability to recapture our faith in the social power of ideas.