The Bill of Rights: Bicentennial Reflections

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Examines issues raised by the fundamental claim that there are rights belonging to human beings merely by virtue of the fact that they are human. Headings include: Perspectives on the Bill of Rights; Rights and Justice; Rights, Technology, and Medicine; Rights, Ideology, and Social Theory; Rights and Freedom; Rights, Ethnicity, and Diversity in the World Community.
Social Philosophy Today No. 8


". . . comprises a treasure-trove of diverse reassessments of the origins, nature, and future of American rights and liberties. . . . . it stands as a signal contribution to the ongoing debate about rights theory, from historical, normative, and analytical perspectives. . . . this collection will engage, not only specialists in moral and social philosophy, but undergraduate and graduate students in history, political science, sociology, religion, and of course philosophy. Each of the rights areas are examined in relatively short, but always pithy essays by some twenty-nine leading moral and social philosophers, theologians, and political theorists." -- Jack Fruchman, Jr.

"These twenty-nine papers by scholars from almost as many college constitute convincing evidence that both classical political themes and contemporary social issues are being capably examined today in the North American academy. . . this is a book of considerable value not only for the citizen generalist sampling the academic atmosphere, but also for the academic specialist looking for yet another perspective on some specialized research subject." - Joseph Betz

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