Globalism and the Obsolescence of the State

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This work explores topics such as: globalism, justice, and federalism; State sovereignty; world community; violence and coercion; and designing social institutions.


“This anthology offers an overview as well as a refreshing discussion of issues that are typical of the age of globalism. The book covers different aspects of the current tension that exists between traditional interests of liberal democracy, which is manifest in debates over national and international affairs. . . . the book does not presuppose too much philosophical training, so it is a useful collection for philosophers, professionals from other disciplines, and curious intelligent people.” - Shyli Karin-Frank.”

“This is a solid book, one of which any publisher would be proud. . . . It contains the work of at least four senior scholars who are well-known because of their extensive previous publications – Mary Mahowald, Jan Narveson, Yeager Hudson, and David Crocker. Its lead essays treat a theme of contemporary importance – the relations between globalism, the nation state, and sovereignty. Every essay exhibits competence, many brilliance.” – Joseph Betz

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Part I: Globalism, Justice and Federalism:
1. Globalism and the Obsolescence of the State: New Support for Old Doubts (Jan Narveson)
2. Globalization, North-South Solidarity, and Other Arguments for ‘Upward Harmonization’ of Human Rights (Jay Drydyk)
3. ‘Rewriting Genesis’: Intellectual Property Rights and Global (In)Justice (Alex Wellington)
4. The Obsolescence of the Nation: Tagore on Nation versus State (Yeager Hudson)
Part II: State Sovereignty and World Community
5. Human rights, State Sovereignty, and World Community (Cheryl Hughes)
6. Sovereignty, Distributive Justice, and Federalism: A Cosmopolitan Perspective (Peter Penz)
7. Transitional Justice and international Civil Society (David A. Crocker)
8. Realism in International Relations: Power, the National Interest, and Justice (Alistair M. Macleod)
Part III: Violence and Coercion
9. A Defence of Violence (Jason Gratl)
10. ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ and the Liberal State: The Tragic Failure at Democratic Transition in Rwanda and Burundi (George Carew)
11. Obeying an Outlaw Order (Carlos Bertha)
Part IV: Designing Our Social Institutions
12. Human Visibility and Democratic Space: A Critical Tool for Designing Our Social Institutions (C. Michael Liberato)
13. Is Feminism Compatible with Advocacy for the Disabled? Women and Prenatal Testing (Mary Mahowald)
14. On Liberty and Property (E. J. Bond)
15. The Legend of Hegel’s Labor Theory of Reason (Jeanne Schuler)
16. Campus Consensual Relationship Policies (Margaret A. Crouch)
Number 14 In Social Philosophy Today series

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