La France Face a La Mondialisation / France and the Struggle Against

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This monograph seeks to examine a specifically French (and, by extension, Irish) reaction to the phenomenon of ‘globalization’, a reaction that is tinged with resistance to both the language and conceptions inherent in the term. This book suggests an alternative project of globalization in which all differences of culture, language and ideology, instead of being subsumed into a homogenous Anglophone whole, are able to cohabit in terms of what Julia Kristeva called “hospitality.” Written in both French and English, the first part of the book deals with a specifically French response to globalization, while the second section discusses the impact of the French stance on the wider world, and particularly Ireland.


“ ... I am very pleased indeed that the Association of Lecturers of French in the Institutes of Technology (ALFIT) chose such a relevant theme as the subject of their annual meeting, held at IT Tallaght, under the presidency of Eamon Maher in April 2004. The fruit of their deliberations is an important contribution towards understanding France’s position in combating the dangerous domination of a world-view that does not suit every situation.” - Frédéric Grasset, Ambassadeur de France en Irlande

“This book stems from a conference held in April 2004, and offers a distinctive and timely overview of the responses of both France and Ireland to the phenomenon of globalization ... As with the best of interdisciplinary studies the juxtaposition of two cultures in [this book] has yielded new and illuminating insights into both.” - Dr. Fiona Cox, Toyota Lecturer in Critical Theory, Department of French, University College Cork, Ireland

“I have read and enjoyed ... Eamon Maher and Eugene O’Brien’s book on France and Globalisation. The idea of a book in both languages is appealing and highly relevant given the topic ...” - Dr. John McDonagh, Mary Immaculate College Research Fellow, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland

Table of Contents

Avant-propos: Frédéric Grasset - Ambassadeur de France en Irlande
Foreword: Frédéric Grasset - Ambassadeur de France en Irlande
Introduction - Eamon Maher and Eugene O’Brien
Première Partie: La France face à la mondialisation
1 Le bon usage de la mondialisation? La perspective microcosmopolite - Michael Cronin
2 De la francophonie linguistique à la Francophonie institutionnelle: Pluralisme linguistique et mondialisation - Serge François
3 La diversité linguistique en France face à la mondialisation - Bríd Ní Chonaill
4 La communication interculturelle ou la classe de langue: là n’est pas la question - Hélène Conway
5 Culture et traduction: vers la globalisation - Caroline Krakowski
Deuxième Partie: France and the Wider World
6 Spec(tac)ulative Society: French Theory Interpreting Globalization - Paula Murphy
7 Global Warnings: Towards a Deconstruction of Globalization - Eugene O’Brien
8 The World of Michel Houellebecq - Gavin Bowd
9 An Irish Writer’s Debt to Flaubert and Proust: The Example of John McGahern - Eamon Maher
10 The Commodification of Irish Culture in Contemporary France and Beyond - Grace Neville

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