Gueldry, Michel

Michel Gueldry is Professor of French and European Studies at Monterey Institute of International Studies. He obtained his Ph.D. in Political Science/French Studies from the University of Toulouse.

Consistent Incorporation of Professional Terminologies Into the World’s Languages: The Linguistic Engine of a Global Culture
2010 0-7734-1313-8
The 17 case studies presented in this volume show the increasing need for foreign language programs in a global society. The work advocates for a combination of foreign language studies with career oriented disciplinary studies.The volume explores resources, curricular models and methods, assessment and examples of successfully integrated language and content education.

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How Globalizing Professions Deal with National Languages: Studies in Cultural Studies and Cooperation
2010 0-7734-4650-8
This book examines the impact of globalization as the dominant and protean feature of our age on world languages and cultures (LC), as well as its implications for LC pedagogy for the working world/s. In addition, it delineates the broad contours of the professional use of LC by providing contextualized, striking evidence of their importance in critical situations across several professional fields.

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