How Globalizing Professions Deal with National Languages: Studies in Cultural Studies and Cooperation

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This book examines the impact of globalization as the dominant and protean feature of our age on world languages and cultures (LC), as well as its implications for LC pedagogy for the working world/s. In addition, it delineates the broad contours of the professional use of LC by providing contextualized, striking evidence of their importance in critical situations across several professional fields.


“Michel Gueldry’s edited volume is a stunning collection of brilliant essays that both singly and in the aggregate show the importance of language instruction and learning, as well as the accompanying cultural awareness, in the exercise of the professions in the twenty-first century. The lessons are everywhere: heath care for indigenous local populations in the developing world, lessons about non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, education and literacy in developing nations, and the interrelations between business and government are only a few examples. Michel Gueldry has gathered a group of eminent scholars from a variety of disciplines. These essays engage multiple perspectives and will be useful in a variety of classroom settings. Most importantly, they get to the heart of the issue of language-learning. No longer simply tied an elitist model of upper-class culture, language-learning is seen here as it should be seen: as essential and vital component for living and working in the twenty-first century.”

– Prof. Lawrence R. Schehr
University of Illinois

“Gueldry has coordinated and assembled a wonderful discussion of language and cross cultural issues with experts addressing the increasing demands from a diversity of topics ranging in scope from non-proliferation and health challenges, to international economic development projects.”

– Prof. Jonathan Berkey
Monterey Institute of International Studies

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