Argentinean Cultural Production During the Neoliberal Years (1989-2001)

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This groundbreaking collection of essays examines Argentine cultural production during the 1989-2001 period, which coincided with the implementation of neoliberalism under President Carlos Saúl Menem (1989-1999) and his successor, Fernando de la Rúa (1999-2001), thereby providing an overview of the way Argentine writers, filmmakers, musicians and media reacted to this centrality of the market forces. This collection will be of interest to scholars of Latin American Cultural Studies, Hispanic Studies, Film Studies as well as those of Comparative Literature.


“The essays in this volume ... characterize with exceptional interpretive clarity and with a firm grasp the predominant social, political, and cultural themes that swirled in Argentina during the often frightening years 1989-2001.” - Dr. David William Foster, Regents’ Professor of Spanish, Women’s Studies and Interdisciplinary Humanities, Arizona State University

“This volume will surely be a work of reference for all those interested in contemporary Argentine culture.” - Prof. Dr. Roland Spiller, Geschäftsführender Direktor, Institut für Romanische Sprachen und Literaturen, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität

“The collection is a remarkable critical contribution to have a better understanding of a difficult period in Argentina, and at the same time this group of studies proposes a coherent corpus, focuses on various aspects of the literary and cultural production that are nurtured from the local, national scene during what have been called ‘the lost years.’” - Dr. Ester Gimbernat González, Professor of Hispanic Studies, University of Northern Colorado

“This volume of critical essays is a welcome edition to Argentine literary and cultural studies and worthy item for university library collections ... It combines analyses of literary and audio-visual cultural texts produced in a context of post-neo-liberal Argentina, the period of national sell-out (1989-2001).” - Dr. J. Browitt, Senior Lecturer, Institute, University of Technology Sydney

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor David William Foster
1 Introduction - Hugo Hortiguera and Carolina Rocha
2 “The Museums of Memory?”: Explorations on the Social Psyche in Realidad nacional desde la cama by Luisa Valenzula - Maria Teresa Medeiros-Lichen
3 Literary Petites Histoires: Santo oficio de la memoria and La madriguera - Carolina Rocha
4 Lost in a Coerced Oblivion: Cristina Feijóo’s Blueprint against Social Segregation - Hólmfrídur Gardarsdóttir
5 Disillusion or Resistance? Memory and Politics in Narrative Fiction on the Cusp of the New Millennium - Ana María Amar Sánchez
6 Necropolitics and the “War of the Rags”: Framing the Death and Resurgence of Peronism in the Age of “Neo-Populism” - Kathryn Lehman
7 Tango Piquetero: Social Protest through Popular Song - Guillermo Anad
8 News, Fiction and Marketing in a Time of Crisis: The Argentine Media and the Yabrán Case - Hugo Hortiguera
9 A Journey through Television between Hyper-Inflation and Default - Nora Mazziottii
10 Visualizing the ‘Multicontextual’ State in Eliseo Subiela’s No te mueras sin decirme adóne vas - William Castro
11 Fractures and Discontinuities of Buenos Aires in Film and Fiction of the 1990s: Mala época and Vivir afuera - Fernando Reati
12 Bodies at Risk: On the State of Exception (Lucretia Martel’s La ciénaga [The Swamp]) - Laura Martins
13 Cultural Production Buenos Aires 2001 - Faye Bendrups

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