Relationship of Man and Nature in the Modern Age. Dominion Over the Earth

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The essays in this book make a unique contribution to the global concern about the effects of man and technology on the environment. They explore patterns of thinking and perception in Western society that form the basis of prevailing attitudes to self, nature, the world, and the way science and technology are used to gain control and to dominate.


". . . a challenging, informative, and unrivaled collection of essays. . . . Collectively they form a solid foundation for thought and debate." -- W.A. Andrews

"This is a valuable collection of essays: some are more challenging than others, yet as a whole they function together to both give background about foundational issues in man's relationship to nature in the West and to also offer some very original perspectives. It is a good source book for thinking holistically about the ecological crisis. The more original essays make the reader aware how deep are the problems of our abuse of the natural world and how diverse are the strands of relationship we could use to weave a new fabric with the world." -- Glen A. Mazis

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