Robotic Technologies in Japan: Narratives of Use of Technologies for Manpower Enhancement, Not Replacement

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Studiesthe way in which robotics and the re-deployment of the aged labor pool in Japan could increase economic productivity in order to cope with the demographic challenges facing that country. It provides options for advocates and policy-makers to select arguments most relevant to their interests for deployment in public intellectual discourse and debate.

Table of Contents

Accommodating changing demographics and resource use: A critical historical and historiographical approach and overview of narratives in this area

I. Introduction
II. The nationality of sustainable development (SD)
III. The disciplining effect of the free market
IV. Contextuality and situationality
V. Conclusions and policy implications
VI. Epilogue: Comparisons between Japan and other Northeast Asian aging societies
Robotic Technologies in Japan: Narratives of use of technologies for manpower enhancement, not replacement
Literature Review
Historical Background
Table 1- Japanese Newspaper Articles Collected on the Subject of Robotic Development
Table 2 - Newspaper Articles from Hong Kong Relevant to Robot Related Interests
Table 3 - The Frequency of Articles Related to Robots Appearing in the Two Japanese Dailies
Narratives Related to the Aging Population
Enhancing Efficiency
Fieldwork and Textual Analysis
Limitations of Reliance on Robotic Technologies to Cope With the Demographic Challenge
Limitations of High Costs of Development?
Limits to Job Scope?
Concluding Remarks
Executive Summary and Conclusion

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