Subject Area: Social Services

1996 Federal Welfare Reform in North Carolina the Politics of Bureaucratic Behavior
 Dobelstein, Andrew W.
2002 0-7734-7267-3 112 pages
The implementation of welfare reform in North Carolina provided an excellent opportunity to explore theories of welfare reform implementation and theories of bureaucratic power. While welfare reform implementation proceeded smoothly in many states, the unique political climate in North Carolina forced a more transparent view of bureaucratic development and growing political independence. The political capacity of the bureaucracy to influence policy implementation contrary to legislative intent is often discussed but infrequently documented, and this work opens this subject for additional debate.

Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities Transition to Adulthood
 Smith, Mieko Kotake
1998 0-7734-8286-5 108 pages
This study presents findings of a longitudinal study of the transition to adulthood of high school students with severe emotional disabilities. The sample of this exploratory research included 41 students in the Severely Behaviorally Handicapped (SBH) program and the Transitional Adjustment Program (TAP) in public high schools and a comparison group of non-disabled students in the same community, a mid-sized county in Ohio. Data were collected through personal interviews of the students and their parents/guardians. Participants in the first-year cohort were followed for three years, and participants in the second-year cohort for two years. The report includes quantitative and qualitative findings concerning student and parent perspectives on contributions of school and family to the transition of youth to adulthood.

Aids, Dentristy, and the Illusion of Infection Control Questioning the Hiv Hypothesis
 Hardie, John
1995 0-7734-4234-0 300 pages
This controversial volume involves a study of the etiology, pathology, and epidemiology of AIDS, an understanding of the prevention of disease transmission from dental practice, and an examination of the efficacy of universal precautions in preventing the transmission of AIDS in dental practice. Among its controversial conclusions are: Dental treatment is not a route for the transmission of AIDS, and changes adopted by the dental profession in response to public or political pressure but which compromise the profession's scientific principles are unethical and unjustified.

Alcohol Problems and Minority Youth
 Wright, Roosevelt
1989 0-88946-297-6 213 pages
Analyzes alcohol use/abuse, alcoholism prevention, and alcoholism treatment among black, Hispanic, and Amerindian youth in the United States.

Alcoholism Treatment for Impaired Drivers an Evaluation
 Whitehead, Paul C.
1990 0-88946-284-4 150 pages
Relates the specific program being evaluated to the existing literature, using a strong research design involving individually matched samples. Particularly relevant because of the increased emphasis given today to the idea that an option for "curative treatment" should be provided to impaired drivers.

An Annotated Bibliography on Leprosy
 Wood, Corinne Shear
1997 0-7734-8441-8 208 pages
Works referenced represent a panoramic view of human leprosy and its special place in human history, culturally, sociologically, psychologically, and medically.

An Ethnographic Study of the Role of Humor in Health Care Transactions
 Lippert, Lance R.
2005 0-7734-6247-3 224 pages
This book examines conversational humor in communicative exchanges during the health care transaction. Our focus is on interactive humor at a specific cultural site as it actually occurs. This study is based on the assumption that the participants at this site routinely engage in some form of humor exchange during interpersonal communication in health care transactions. Given the prevalence of humor use in the health setting, as well as the lack of attention devoted to this important phenomenon in the extant literature, this study set out to explore two fundamental questions. The first question that must be addressed is: If the participants (nurse and resident) in a long term care relationship construct conversational humor or participate in humor exchanges, what are the humorous exchanges accomplishing? What functions do they serve? The second question deals with the humor strategies and their organization by the participants: How are the humor exchanges being accomplished? In other words, what humor strategies and communicative behaviors do the participants apply during health care transactions?

Nursing homes operate as homes for millions in this country's aging population. Because nursing homes more often call for prolonged care rather than a cure, interpersonal communication is even more crucial to this care giving context. Humor use is one way the participants in this study interpersonally confronted the rigors of old age and institutional care. The humor exchanges enhance the communicative climate and multiply the chances for quality care outcomes. This book sheds new light on the role of humor in long term care facilities and offers educators, practitioners, and researchers a powerful tool for better understanding communication in this context.

An Ethnography of Feeding, Perception, and Place in the Peruvian Andes (where Hungry Spirits Bring Illness and Wellbeing)
 Sax, Marieka
2012 0-7734-3916-1 200 pages
Drawing on anthropological field work, this ethnographic study by Marieka Sax proposes that an Andean “idiom of feeding” is enacted in a variety of everyday and ritual contexts so as to establish relationships, advance agricultural and market-based economies, and restore health. The book asserts that the process of feeding others carries with it a sense of self-identification for the people of the Peruvian Andes and that feeding as a ritual, is highly connected to Andean spirits who extend life-giving energy, productivity, and general well-being. The study of feeding and the cultural context given to it through language, presents to the reader local, national, and global connections with the people of the Peruvian Andes.

Questions of Law, Morality and Ethics within Contemporary Society
 Ost, Suzanne
2003 0-7734-6613-4 366 pages
This work provides a close examination of the definitional issues surrounding euthanasia, and analyses euthanasia as a ‘living phenomenon’ which can be best understood by reflecting upon subjective understandings of the subject and individuals’ lived experiences of their medical conditions and treatment. The work addresses not only the law surrounding voluntary active euthanasia, but also the withdrawal of treatment from incapacitated patients, the refusal of treatment by competent patients, and the subject of advance directives. Additionally the work takes a comparative approach to euthanasia laws in the Netherlands and Australia in order to illustrate the differing legal and ethical positions that exist. The work includes a small empirical study which takes forward some of the central issues by placing them in the contextual setting provided by members of the medical profession, hospice staff, general public, and voluntary and anti-euthanasia society members.

Assessment Strategies for Individuals with Disabilities
 Taylor, George R.
2002 0-7734-7102-2 292 pages

Behavioral Treatments for Asthma Biofeedback-, Respondent-, and Relaxation-Based Approaches
 Sarafino, Edward P.
1997 0-7734-8591-0 100 pages
This monograph will serve as an important reference work for researchers, practitioners, and students. It provides a review of virtually all multi-subject, controlled studies previously published; gives definitions and details regarding methodology to make the material accessible to readers who may not be familiar with asthma characteristics, research techniques, and behavioral methods; describes each study of treatment effectiveness so that readers can see important methodological or statistical differences; includes material on recently developed relevant theories, such as those involving the vagus neural pathway in the regulation of asthma attacks; and a major section refers back to details of the studies in presenting issues to consider in interpreting past studies, designing future research, and applying behavioral techniques with asthma patients.

Biomedical Ethics in Canada
 Williams, John R.
1986 0-88946-149-X 194 pages
Attempts to set forth as accurate a picture as possible of the present state of biomedical ethics in Canada, along with recommendations as to how it can be improved. Also shows how far the goal is of expanding the field of biomedical ethics so as to provide major improvements in the quality of health care in Canada.

Cancer Epidemic Shadow of the Conquest of Nature
 Booth, Gotthard
1979 0-88946-625-4 277 pages
The wide publicity given to statistical surveys of cigarette and other tobacco habits in terms of an etiological factor in lung cancer has relegated to the background many other possible components, particularly in the sphere of personality and emotional constellations. This work presents Gotthard Booth's studies of persons who developed cancer, with observations and an experimental approach, the results of which are given in categories of Rorschach responses in order to gain information about the subjects' personalities in terms of intellectual function, emotional control, present content, mental conflicts, creative imagination, and fundamental instinctive drives. From these studies and from the known aspects of the cancer situation the author suggests that cancer is an expression of the personality type. Rich in new ideas with a wealth of informative material to be considered in practical applications, not only in the field of psychopathology but also in general medicine.

Challenge of Cross Cultural Competency in Social Work. Experiences of Southeast Asian Refugees in the United States
 Schuldberg, Jean
2005 0-7734-6086-1 216 pages
This study evaluates the cultural competency needs in social work education from the perspective of eight social service workers from the Iu-Mien community. The National Association of Social Worker’s (NASW) Code of Ethics views the acquisition of cultural competency as an ethical standard. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) mandates the teaching of cultural competency in their guidelines. Lack of cultural competency may hinder social workers’ ability to advocate, help broker resources, and support the strengths of individuals and communities.

The perspective of social workers’ cultural competency from recipients of service or workers from non-dominant groups in the United States has not been researched. Participatory research, which involves collaborative dialogues between the researcher and participant(s), is the methodology for this study. Most Iu-Mien adults, primarily refugees from Laos, have experienced contact with social workers in the United States. Social service workers from the Iu-Mien community have the unique position of having received services and, now, providing them.

This study provides a comprehensive assessment of the social-historical aspects of the Iu-Mien people, cultural competency needs and recommendations for social work education and practice, and the presentation of the development of a qualitative research study.

Clinical Psychology in Ireland
 Carr, Alan
2005 0-7734-6242-2 228 pages
This volume presents results from a series of empirical studies conducted in the field of child protection in Ireland. These throw light of the epidemiology of child sexual abuse, profiles of survivors and perpetrators of child sexual abuse, and their families, and important treatment-related issues. The following broad conclusions may be drawn from this research. CSA victims were predominantly preadolescent girls, but boys were also abused. CSA survivors had suffered a range of different forms of abuse leading to a variety of psychological problems. Greatest adjustment problems were shown by survivors of coercive, violent, penetrative abuse. Both individual therapy and combined individual and group therapy can alleviate some of the psychological difficulties that arise from CSA. CSA perpetrators were predominantly male, and were rarely strangers. A proportion of perpetrators were adolescents some of whom were survivors of child abuse. Adolescent CSA perpetrators had significant adjustment problems. Theoretically coherent innovative interventions for adolescent CSA perpetrators are being developed. A parent support programme, that runs in parallel to group-based treatment for adolescent CSA perpetrators holds promise as a core element of a comprehensive family-oriented programme for adolescent CSA perpetrators.

Collected Writings of Jessie Forsyth the Good Templars and Temperance Reform on Three Continents
 Fahey, David M.
1988 0-88946-296-8 528 pages
The memoirs, letters, essays, fiction, and other representative writings of Jessie Forsyth (1847-1937) of Britain, America, and Australia, with a biographical introduction. Forsyth's order of Good Templars pioneered equal rights for women, fought a bitter internal battle over the rights of blacks, and emphasized the internationalism of the Good Templar brotherhood and sisterhood.

Commissioned Reviews of 250 Psychological Tests
 Maltby, John Lewis
2000 0-7734-7454-4 484 pages
These two volumes provide an overview of psychology tests developed during the 1990s, written to be accessible to both experienced and inexperienced researches. Over 250 academics, from 20 countries, have provided 300 reviews of tests that cover health psychology, social psychology, personality and individual differences, developmental, occupational, educational and cognitive psychology. Each review contains information regarding: the variable measured; description of the test; sample in which the test was developed; reliability, including appropriate information on internal reliability, test-retest reliability and factor structure; validity; where the test is located; final evaluative comments.

Commissioned Reviews of 250 Psychological Tests Volume One
 Maltby, John Lewis
2000 0-7734-7452-8 476 pages
These two volumes provide an overview of psychology tests developed during the 1990s, written to be accessible to both experienced and inexperienced researches. Over 250 academics, from 20 countries, have provided 300 reviews of tests that cover health psychology, social psychology, personality and individual differences, developmental, occupational, educational and cognitive psychology. Each review contains information regarding: the variable measured; description of the test; sample in which the test was developed; reliability, including appropriate information on internal reliability, test-retest reliability and factor structure; validity; where the test is located; final evaluative comments.

Contemporary Issues in Paediatric Ethics
 Burgess, Michael MacDonald
1991 0-7734-9673-4 124 pages
This collection of essays by a group of international scholars focuses on specific issues in bioethics and paediatrics. Reflects interdisciplinary approaches to practical problems at the level of policy and practice. Includes essays on the issues of: withholding life-sustaining treatment from children, the societal expense of innovative lifesaving treatments, the rights of mature minors, the notion of non-treatment as blame-worthy neglect, and the responsibility of professionals in bioethics and paediatrics to continue to converse thoughtfully and faithfully on these issues.

Coping with Severe Mental Illness: Families Speak Out
 Mermier, Martha Brinton
1993 0-7734-9285-2 212 pages
This book describes the overwhelming problems families face in dealing with their relatives who suffer from psychiatric disorders. The majority of the text consists of direct anonymous quotations from a questionnaire mailed to families of hospitalized patients as well as results from interviews done in the course of the author's employment as a clinical social worker in a state hospital. There is an examination of the period when the illness first appears, and the difficulties of finding appropriate treatment and handling the patient's resistance to care are addressed in detail. It gives insight into the problems of daily living -- handling money, interpersonal relationships, marriage and work. It also examines the more unique aspects of psychiatric disorders, such as suicide, aggressive behavior, and frequent substance abuse.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories and Issues (volume 1, Third Edition)
 Ard, Ben
1993 0-7734-9932-6 274 pages

Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories and Issues (volume 2, Third Edition)
 Ard, Ben
1993 0-7734-9934-2 248 pages
Volume One presents a broad range of theoretical positions on psychological counselling. Considers a variety of different theories (non-psychiatric and non-medical) of psychological counselling in the writings of the originators of those theories. Volume Two presents papers on a number of the important issues in psychological counselling. Topics include the appropriate relationship between counselling and classroom teaching, the meeting of psychological data and human values, and ethics in counselling. Supplemented by appendices, bibliography, name index, and subject index.

Counseling Diverse Client Groups an International Perspective on Human Social Functioning
 Rodway, Margaret R.
1989 0-88946-139-2 350 pages
Attempts to bring together the spectrum of the varied practice applications of human social functioning in a form of ready assistance to professionals. Provides theoretical and philosophical foundations and practice applications.

Critical Analysis of the Rhetoric of Child Sexual Abuse
 Schultz, Pamela D.
2001 0-7734-7606-7 204 pages
The foundation of this analysis is that child sexual abuse is a form of communication that stems from, and perpetuates, the power hierarchy of the social structure. The study asks the questions: What do the stories of survivors and perpetrators tell us about the nature of child sexual abuse? What do these stories tell us about the power relations between the survivors and perpetrators as well as the society that breeds sexual abuse. It identifies rhetorical strategies and uses them to identify patterns in the discourse of survivors and abusers. The ultimate goal is to analyze the discourse surrounding sexual abuse in an attempt to shift the rhetorical emphasis from misunderstanding and blame to understanding and affirmation.

Critical History of the American Red Cross, 1882-1945
 Shealy, Gwendolyn C.
2003 0-7734-6706-8 142 pages
This revisionist perspective on the history of the Red Cross reflects its transformation from its genesis to become the government’s humanitarian agency, and the subsequent effect this change may have had on American prisoners of war held captive in Germany in World War II. Around 1898, Clara Barton’s simple charity for aiding the wounded and comforting the dying was transformed by persons of influence, such as Mabel Boardman, into a bureaucratized amalgamation of expansionism, progressivism, and egocentrism. Renovated by government, military, censorship, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and vanity, the Red Cross desire to serve soldiers, particularly prisoners of war, was thwarted by politics during World War II. It was assumed by many, including the Red Cross, that the Geneva Treaty was being honored, that food parcels were reaching the starving Allied prisoners, and that the Red Cross was relaying accurate information to the homefront concerning the welfare of captive soldiers. Shealy’s work provides data from declassified military documents and Red Cross documents deeded to the National Archives and the Library of Congress. Coupled with mainstream sources, her research offers a revisionist perspective of the American Red Cross era from 1882 to 1945. Additionally, the Red Cross, usually above reproach, turned the mirror on itself with candid monographs written post-WWII to 1950. These discourse, documents, and letters reveal the agency’s struggle to reconcile itself with policy not always in step with its recipients.

Disease and Its Impact on Modern European History
 Knapp, Vincent J.
1989 0-88946-135-X 381 pages
A study of the outbreak of seven major diseases _ plague, syphilis, smallpox, typhus, cholera, tuberculosis, and influenza _ on the European continent, as well as the social and philosophical impact of these diseases.

Ecological Perspective in Family-Centered Therapy
 Rodway, Margaret R.
1993 0-7734-9362-X 364 pages
This book presents a combination of salient theoretical concepts, with closely related examples of practice themes in family health services. A major emphasis is its focus on family strengths and how these can be utilized. From an ecological perspective, this text emphasizes the uses of a multi-resource base. Eleven chapters provide a wide array of options for strategies of change. The flexibility and creativity of alternate routes to family change are a unique characteristic of this text. The presentation of a number of interventions with families from an ecological perspective is of interest to educators, professionals, and students involved in the teaching and practice of family therapy offered by departments including nursing, psychiatry, psychology, and social work.

Effects of Clinical Nursing Specialization a Controlled Organizational Experiment
 Georgopoulos, Basil S.
1991 0-88946-271-2 613 pages
The only work in the health-services field with hard data and definitive results about the effects of clinical nursing specialization on the quality and costs of care, nurse-physician relations in the hospital system, and hospital nursing effectiveness. Methodologically presents a major and successful experiment in the social sciences: a controlled organizational experiment using multiple methods of measurement (qualitative and quantitative) and real patient units. Simultaneously studies the clinical nurse specialist role in the hospital setting.

Essays on Issues in Applied Developmental Psychology and Child Psychiatry
 Hosin, Amer
2000 0-7734-7519-2 428 pages

Explaining the Irish Welfare State: An Historical, Comparative, and Political Analysis
 Cousins, Mel
2005 0-7734-6036-5 404 pages
This book provides a comprehensive overview of the Irish welfare system in comparative perspective. It examines key issues which have shaped the development of the Irish welfare state including the impact of Ireland’s post-colonial position, the role of globalisation and Ireland’s integration into the world-economy, and the respective roles of Irish state and societal institutions. The book places the Irish welfare state in a comparative European context and examines the extent to which Ireland fits into existing welfare typologies. It looks at the key policy areas of welfare support for those of working age, pensioners and children. It outlines the development of welfare systems in each area, describes the current level of coverage in a comparative context and outlines key debates. It also examines key policy issues including public opinion on the Irish welfare state, proposals for a basic income and debates on the privatization of welfare. The book concludes by discussing the possible future directions of welfare policy in Ireland.

Exploring Neglected Dimensions of Religion in Quality of Life Research
 Poloma, Margaret M.
1991 0-7734-9672-6 226 pages
Based on analysis of 560 telephone interviews with randomly selected adults from the Akron, OH area, the results of this survey clearly demonstrate the importance of religion in accounting for the differences in quality of life, and the need to include multiple religiosity measures in assessing the impact of religion on well-being.

Factors Affecting Demand for Primary Health Care Services by Residents in Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes
 Crosby, Charles
2000 0-7734-7627-X 140 pages
This book investigates the demand for general practice and community nursing services generated by residents in residential homes, nursing homes and dual-registered homes in an area where there is a high concentration of such facilities. The costs of care are analyzed in a production of welfare framework which shows that there was no direct relationship between degree of dependency and the demand for primary healthcare services.

Family Dynamics for Physicians Guidelines to Assessment and Treatment
 Sawa, Russell
1985 0-88946-129-5 344 pages
An analysis of the way that the social dynamics of the family affects the health and/or illness of its members. Deals with several specific parameters and provides a diagnostic instrument for use by physicians and other members of the healing professions.

Family Support Act of 1988 a Case Study of Welfare Policy in the 1980s
 Deprez, Luisa S.
2002 0-7734-7226-6 264 pages
This study makes in important contribution to understanding the politics of policy-making by exploring the relationship between political ideology, public opinion, and social welfare policy. It investigates this linkage through a case study of the Family Support Act of 1988. Findings are based on analysis of Congressional hearings and debates, news media editorials and commentaries (over three years), Congressional interviews, and documentary evidence obtained from the private legislative files of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the legislative sponsor. The latter, exclusive access to the files, provides the study with a unique perspective: it enables a ‘policy story’ to be told using ‘insiders’ information. Prevailing notions about poverty, dependency and welfare, and the role of government are examined and placed within in a theoretical framework grounded in individualistic and structuralist perspectives. “. . . argues that, trapped within an intensifying individualistic discourse which blamed women’s attitudinal and behavioral deficiencies for poverty, the Family Support Act of 1988 necessarily failed to address the structural sources of female-headed family poverty and set the tone for the even more punitive and coercive Personal Responsibility Act of 1996. This book connects a history of social welfare ideas in the 1980s to a micro-analysis of the legislative process, showing how ideas are embodied in legislation. . . . Deprez shows in meticulous detail how these ideas turned up in editorials, opinion columns, and congressional hearings.” – Peggy Kahn

Geography of Naturopathic Physicians in the United States
 Butar Butar, Ferry Butar
2006 0-7734-5941-3 116 pages
This book is the first in-depth geographic treatment of naturopathic physicians in the United States. It consists of seven articles that have previously been published in scholarly journals read primarily by a narrow group of specialists. The articles have been published together in this format to give them a wide availability and to provide a more comprehensive overview.

Guild of Help and the Changing Face of Edwardian Philanthropy. The Guild of Help, Voluntary Work and the State, 1904-1919
 Laybourn, Keith
1994 0-7734-9144-9 236 pages
The Guild of Help was formed in Bradford in 1904 and quickly spread to oust the Charity Organisation Society as the major component of British charity in the early 20th century. It arose at a time of concern about 'National Efficiency' and the condition of the poor. Its main aims were to organise community help for the poor, through the organisation of voluntary helpers, to act as clearing house for charity provision, and to improve the working relationship between charity and the state. The Guild was, therefore, central to the treatment of poverty, and closely involved in the issues of social control, New Liberalism, community consciousness, the new Liberal state welfare measures and the activities of public bodies..

Health Concerns of Hispanics in New York City
 Lindenthal, Jacob J.
1991 0-7734-9852-4 256 pages
The text examines the morbidity and mortality patterns of Hispanics in New York City, the most rapidly expanding group in the United States. In analyzing the health data from government sources and recent research findings, the authors illustrate the cultural values and health status of this population and how they differ from the other minorities and the general population. Because this group is at high risk for certain maladies, particular attention is paid to asthma, alcohol ingestion, perinatal conditions, AIDS, and drug abuse. The authors also provide suggestions for preventive strategies and more research. Though scholarly in intent, the book is written in laymen's terms and contains a glossary of medical terms employed in the volume.

Helping Networks of the Aging and Retired
 Warren, Donald I.
1992 0-88946-137-6 328 pages
Specifically directed at a better understanding of the often fragile patterns of help and social support available to the aging and retired in urban society.

History of Medicine Volume 1: Primitive and Ancient Medicine
 Prioreschi, Plinio
1991 0-7734-9661-0 642 pages

History of the Kansas Orphans’ Home, 1887-1962. The Professionalization of Charity
 Chmidling, Catherine
2010 0-7734-3667-7 324 pages
This case study combines James C. Scott’s theory of high-modern social engineering with economic and evolutionary theories of altruism and reciprocal altruism to analyze and interpret the text and quantitative data in reports spanning 1887 through 1963 from the Kansas Orphans’ Home.

History of the Present Child Protection and Welfare Social Work in Ireland
 Skehill, Caroline
2004 0-7734-6405-0 377 pages
This book is the first detailed history of child protection and welfare social work practice in the Republic of Ireland, providing a comprehensive and in-depth account of the development of social work within the child protection and welfare system in the Republic of Ireland. Drawing on a broad range of archival sources, the book illuminates the complex and often contradictory nature of child welfare practices over the period 1862-1991. The archival data provided in the book should provide an excellent starting point for persons interested in furthering the study of the nature of child welfare and/or social work in the Republic of Ireland.

The book applies a methodology of a history of the present in a rigorous manner, drawing from Foucault’s conceptualizations of archaeology, genealogy, and discourse. The book attempts to deconstruct and reconstruct the theorization of social work in ‘the social’ (Foucault, 1977; Donzelot, 1980, Parton, 1991) within the context of Irish social work. It is likely that both the methodological and theoretical aspects of this book, applied in such a grounded way, will be of great interest to a broad audience of social scientists and historians.

History of Women's Contribution to World Health
 Dakin, Theodora
1992 0-7734-9624-6 128 pages

How Human Service Providers Can Collaborate to Improve Education: A Case Study of the Saskatchewan Schoolplus Project
 Salm, Twyla Lynn
2009 0-7734-4798-9 296 pages
This study was designed to explore the meaning of interprofessional collaboration for human service providers from five sectors including teachers and administrators who work across sectors with families and schools. Lawson’s (2003) taxonomy provided a framework to interpret how participants understood their experiences. Three levels of participants emerged: frontline workers, middle managers and policy makers. Four challenges are presented that outline ways interprofessional partnerships might further oppress marginalized communities. The complementary nature of anti-oppressive thinking and interprofessional partnerships emerges suggesting that informed and shaped by critical theory and anti-oppressive thinking, interprofessional partnersips in a SchoolPLUS Context has the potential to become a powerful force for transformative change.

Human Service Information Systems How to Design and Implement Them
 Trute, Barry
1985 0-88946-128-7 202 pages
A guide to the creation of automated information systems in human service settings.

Incorporating Sexual Trauma Into the Functional Life Narrative
 Gasker, Janice
2002 0-7734-7094-8 168 pages

Interorganizational Community Second Edition
 Anderson, Robert C.
2000 0-7734-7757-8 240 pages
Volume covers the concept of community from origin to demise. It offers an explanation of how rules are established and changed, and shows how to identify and map system networks. It offers an explanation of how innovations are introduced and adopted, identifies critical interaction activities and how to predict their change. It examines selected theories, philosophies, and perspectives descriptive of community life by scholars from several disciplines.

Management Dilemmas in Catholic Human Service
 Cleary, Maureen
2007 0-7734-5462-4 308 pages
This work seeks to identify and analyze certain management and governance dilemmas displayed in Australia’s Catholic Human Service Organizations (CHSO). The research found that these problems are arising out of the complex interaction of the Church structures, external economic and political changes and a fundamental change in the personal base of these organizations. While quite uniform in the 1960s, Australian CHSOs have taken on multiple organizational forms in the past years due to rapid changes in the arenas in which they operate. Yet, in all these different forms, a single meaning system serves as a unifying principle, thereby illustrating that CHSOs cannot be categorized as being derived from a political, economic or legal institutional base. Rather, they are part of a group of organizations called Symbolic Organizations that are derived from a symbolic institutional base.

Mental Health Information Systems
 Bennett, Edward M.
1983 0-88946-125-2 202 pages
Contains 15 original essays which examine current knowledge and issues related to the development of meaningful, cost-effective mental health information systems. Examines four exemplary systems operating in North America.

Motor Development and Sports Skills Clinic
 Millslagle, Duane G.
1997 0-7734-8425-6 172 pages
This volume provides the reader with an understanding of how to develop, organize, and implement a motor development program for the disabled using the achievement-based model. Part 1 integrates the traditional special education model of assessment, planning, teaching, and evaluation with a station-by-station approach in development of motor and sports skills. Part 2 provides a a guideline for those who participate in these programs as teachers. This book is comb-bound in soft-cover for greater ease of use. Special text price available.

Nutrition for God's Temple: A Christian Textbook to the Field of Nutrition (softcover)
 Couey, Dick
1993 0-7734-9288-7 664 pages
This nutrition textbook, both up-to-date and accurate, is written for Chistians and others who wish to self-protect their bodies against health hazards. The contents and controversial topics are well-referenced (over 350 references), and approximately 70% of the references are from sources published since 1986. Each chapter contains detailed summary tables that include the major points. Appendixes contain detailed nutrient analyses of hundreds of foods. At the end of each chapter are commonly-asked questions and answers concerning the topic. Finally, at the back of the book 18 laboratories are included, to give students some practical working knowledge of nutrition and how it might by applied to everyday life. Each chapter has Bible verses that apply to the particular topic in nutrition.

People and Programs that Make a Difference in a Multicultural Society. Volunteerism in America
 Pitts, Emma Thomas
1999 0-7734-7946-5 200 pages
Book contains a comprehensive compilation of scholarly research on the contributions of people from all walks of life – academicians, corporations, celebrities, parents, students, churches – who are making a difference in their respective communities and the nation through volunteerism and well-constructed programs. Includes addresses and websites. Ideal as a supplementary text in academic settings, as well as a reference guide to be used for those who have a desire to help others and make their contribution to humanity.

Perfectionism, Mood States, and Disordered Eating in Female Athletes and Performers
 Nagel, Merav
2002 0-7734-6902-8 104 pages
According to the report of National Women’s Health Center, attitudes that lay the groundwork for developing disordered eating occur as early as fourth or fifth grade. This study examines the factors that contribute to eating disorders in females athletes, filling a gap in the existing scholarship on the subject.

Predictors of Stage Movement Toward Smoking Cessation in Pregnant Women
 Henry, Lorna C.
2002 0-7734-7075-1 184 pages

Privatization of Mandatory Retirement Income Protection
 Hyde, Mark
2006 0-7734-5838-7 416 pages
Addresses an area of social policy that is relatively new and thus under-developed in the relevant literature. It covers all pension arrangements from a multi-disciplinary perspective, rather than from economic analysis. Several published works do deal explicitly with privately delivered compulsory pensions, but that literature is incomplete.

Process Theory of Medicine Interdisciplinary Essays
 Ford, Marcus P.
1987 0-88946-328-X 227 pages
Suggests a post-modern medicine, one that rests upon the process metaphysics of Alfred N. Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne.

Recovery Ministry of the Church: A Comparison of Two Programs Helping People Deal with Addictions to Alcohol, Drugs and Other Self-Destructive Behaviors
 Calhoun, M. David
2014 0-7734-3499-2 204 pages
This book examines the disconnect between the secular and church cultures in the area of ‘addiction recovery’. The focus is on the relationship between the recovery community and the church community as it relates to the missional purpose of the church. Both secular and faith-based recovery programs are explored with particular interest in the churches’ effectiveness or lack thereof in building bridges to the recovery community.

Reinventing Social Work: Reflections on the Metaphysics of Social Practice
 Mohan, Brij
2005 0-7734-6054-3 224 pages
The main purpose of this book is to educate both faculty and students about the nature and paradox of contemporary social practice – dynamics of diversity, discourse and development. A strategic rethinking is therefore in order to see that knowledge, resources and opportunities are not lost in vain. The point of this work is meaningful, enduring resolution of human alienation and social misery. The analyses proffered here seek a unified response to uplift the human condition (at the expense of fragmented approaches and ineffective social interventions). A new theory of social work is one of the intended outcomes of this study.

Research and Treatment for Aggression with Adolescent Girls
 Cummings, Anne L.
2002 0-7734-6953-2 236 pages

Sexual Realm in Long-Term Marriages a Longitudinal Study Following Marital Partners Over Twenty Years
 Ard, Ben
1990 0-7734-9982-2 196 pages

Sexuality and the Developmentally Handicapped a Guidebook for Health Care Professionals
 Rowe, William F.
1987 0-88946-132-5 245 pages
Presents the knowledge, attitudes, and skills pertinent to responding to the sexual problems of developmentally handicapped persons, their families, and communities. Details fully documented cases, issues concerning the law, and resource materials available.

Social Intervention. Theory and Practice
 Bennett, Edward M.
1987 0-88946-136-8 432 pages
Presents both theory and examples of social intervention by 16 authors from various disciplines, including psychology, law, and sociology.

Social Work Practice with Low-Income, Urban, African-American Families
 Raider, Melvyn
1998 0-7734-8306-3 172 pages
The authors have woven together a very useful guide for social workers practicing in low-income urban settings. Case examples serve to concretize theories and the summary of treatment strategies effective with low-income urban African-American families is an excellent checklist of dos and don'ts.

Socio-Cultural Matrix of Alcohol and Drug Use a Sourcebook of Patterns and Factors
 Forster, Brenda
1990 0-88946-849-4 587 pages
Twenty-two original essays that address the social and cultural factors affecting the use and abuse of alcohol and other chemical substances in a variety of sub-populations, including: adolescents, the elderly, women, physicians, nurses, the poor, members of the upper middle class, Mexican-Americans, Oriental Jews, and black students.

Sociology of the Chiropractic
 Rosenthal, Saul F.
1989 0-88946-130-9 150 pages
Offers a study of the chiropractic's place in the health care system. The three objectives include: presenting the first up-to-date descriptive data on chiropractics, assessing the place chiropractic fills in contemporary health care, and providing a critical data base for anticipating the future direction of chiropractic.

Strategies for Community Empowerment Direct-action and Transformative Approaches to Social Change Practice
 Hanna, Mark G.
1994 0-7734-2297-8 248 pages
This is a text for graduate and undergraduate social work students, as well as practitioners of community organization and social change practice in the United States. Three distinct social change approaches are represented: traditional, direct action, and transformative. The book provides a state-of-the-art assessment of social change practice and closes with a series of decision rules for students and practitioners who wish to match their organizing goals with strategies in a variety of geographic or culturally diverse settings. An overview of the principal training centers is provided for readers interested in organizing and training opportunities in almost any region of the country. The book emphasizes the advantages and disadvantages of each of the described strategies, presents opportunities for synthesis among approaches, and contains a critical assessment of the theory, concepts and skills required to undertake each of the approaches. Case illustrations and composite scenarios are used to make practical applications easy, and classroom and field exercises and assignments are suggested at the end of each chapter. The information for the book was drawn from a cross-disciplinary literature review which covers selected historical, philosophical and political perspectives, as well as from 150 interviews with leading community organizers in 24 cities, and a two-year intensive field study of 15 community organizing and social change training organizations.

Strategies for Developing Personalized Programs for Individuals with Disabilities
 Taylor, George R.
2002 0-7734-7253-3 312 pages
This text was written to provide educators and communities serving children with disabilities in the private and public sectors a guide to develop, implement, evaluate, and revise individualized education programs (IEPs). It provides strategies and guidelines to assist individuals to develop IEPs which will comply with federal and state laws. It will also serve as a guide for support personnel such as school psychologists, counselors, regular educators, physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other specialists in conducting and implementing duties and responsibilities associated with IEPs.

Systems Change Approach to Substance Abuse Prevention
 Gordon, Jacob U.
1997 0-7734-8781-6 218 pages
This book is intended to fill the current gap in substance abuse prevention theory and practice. Based on what we now know in prevention research and practice, the book strongly recommends outcome-based and systems change approach. Essays include: A Systemic Analysis of Substance Abuse Prevention: Vision, Polemics, and Hope (Omowale Amuleru-Marshall) School-Based Adolescent Drug Prevention: What Works and What Doesn't Work, What's Next? (Nancy S. Tobler) Substance Abuse, Violence, and Crime (Albert G. Mata, Jr.) Health Promotion: Strategies for a Generation at Risk (Richard P. Keeling, M.D., and Eric L. Engstrom) Developing an Infrastructure for Community Prevention (Darlind J. Davis and Michael R. J. Felix) Ethnographic Research Methods for Multicultural Community Needs Assessment: A Systems Change Perspective (Kristi O'Dell and Edith M. Freeman) Fighting Back (Project Neighborhood) and Systems Change (Keith Brown) Community Exchange: An Imperative in Substance Abuse Policy Development (Tamara J. Cadet) Recommendations: Preventive Infrastructure (James Copple); Systemic Support (Janine Lee); Research and Evaluation (Mary Jo Larson) Where Do We Go From Here? (Jacob U. Gordon) With bibliography and appendices.

The Nature of Social Work in Ireland: A Historical Perspective
 Skehill, Caroline
1999 0-7734-8177-X 206 pages
This volume provides the first comprehensive account of professional social work in Ireland, to contribute to a better understanding of its present form and nature. It considers the development of social work from the late 19th century to the present. In addition to analyzing the main shifts and continuities over this period, it also considers its surrounding conditions: the relationship between social work and philanthropy in its earlier phases, the impact of the Catholic Church on the development of Irish social work and the influence of the State over the shape and form of social work. In addition, it contributes to a debate about its present form and nature at a time when many uncertainties surround its future direction. For a reader outside of Ireland, in particular, the book provides insight into the cultural, political and social context within which Irish social work emerged over the past century. “. . . this book is a must for all social workers and students of social work in Ireland. As the first of its kind it will also be of importance to those researching the origins of social work in Europe and throughout the English-speaking world. . . . there are many gems throughout the text. . . .” – British Journal of Social Work “. . . as a groundbreaking survey, this book will in the meantime remain the authoritative source for students of Irish social work and for researchers who take up Skehill’s challenges to dig further into the puzzles of informing the present b reference to the past.” – International Social Work “This book provides a detailed, well-documented account of ‘social work’ from the nineteenth century until the present day and is therefore an invaluable source for students, lecturers, researcher and professionals who are trying to understand social work practices and the profession within Ireland. . . . Skehill skillfully draws on available source material to document how the State, Catholic Church and civic institutions have influenced the development of social work in Ireland.” – European Journal of Social Work

A Five-Year Clinical Study
 Sartori, Penny
2008 0-7734-5103-X 588 pages
This clinical study is the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom and the first long-term prospective study of NDEs in existence. Most research into near-death experiences (NDEs) is based on anecdotal accounts which have no medical data to verify proximity to death or support the reports.

Medical Practice and Legal Reform
 Smith, Joseph Wayne
2010 0-7734-1407-X 168 pages
The authors bring together a new legal and medical analysis of history and developments in the area of malpractice litigation. The book provides a valuable resource for doctors, lawyers and patients/consumers, especially in terms of its in-depth examination of the components of the surgical litigation crisis and legal reform.

Theoretical and Empirical Advances in Community Mental Health
 Bennett, Edward M.
1985 0-88946-131-7 280 pages
A collection of 25 articles that discuss contemporary advances in community mental health. Organized in three sections: a systems approach to community mental health, psycho-social impacts of resource development, and contemporary issues.

Topographical and Motion Palpation of the Axial Skeleton
 Boyer, Kent L.
1991 0-7734-9904-0 125 pages
A textbook for beginning chiropractic students designed to augment the teaching of palpation of topographical landmarks and musculature associated with the axial skeleton. Begins with osseous topographical landmarks, continues with associated musculature, and concludes with specific motion palpation diagnostic procedures. Contains over 60 helpful photographs for a step-by-step learning approach. Chapters include: ``Why is Joint Motion Important?'' ``What Causes Joint Fixation?'' ``What is Spinal Manipulation?'' ``The Subluxation Complex,'' and ``Is Motion Palpation a Reliable Diagnostis Test?'' Designed to be used by students in conjunction with chiropractic hands-on methods.

Transferability of Social Technology Explorations in the Knowledge Structures of the Helping Professions and Their Transfer
 Chatterjee, Pranab
1990 0-88946-141-4 244 pages
A study of social technologies, such as casework, psychotherapy, or other helping processes, and their transfer from one source to another.

Twelve Problems in Health Care Ethics
 Shannon, Thomas A.
1984 0-88946-127-9 307 pages
Examines, with the purpose of educating, health care as it is actually lived and as it involves real patients and real health-care providers.

Universal Health Care as a Human Right: The Argument of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
 Chapman, G. Clarke
2014 1-4955-0281-3 108 pages
A new look at the highly relevant and impassioned issue of Universal Health Care. Bonhoeffer's writings offer a theological defence for the earthly conditions needed for human well-being. Implicitly that would include basic health care. Utilizing pertinent Bonhoeffer writings, the author offers us an unique perspective on the moral issues of human rights as it relates to health care for everyone.

Using a Family Perspective in Catholic Social Justice and Family Ministries
 Voydanoff, Patricia
1995 0-7734-9428-6 228 pages
This collection of papers examines the principles presented in the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' document A Family Perspective in Church and Society in the context of Catholic social teaching, and develops implications for family policy and social justice concerns in the church. The first part examines recent trends and changes in family life and proposes a policy agenda for the 1990s that addresses these changes. The second part develops linkages between social justice and family life programs so that the former can incorporate a family perspective, and the latter can more effectively advocate for and empower families. It provides strategies for implementation in parishes, dioceses, human service programs and homes.

Welfare as We Know It a Family-Level Analysis of Afdc Receipt
 Barton, Thomas R.
1997 0-7734-8670-4 180 pages
This book examines one of the nation's most important and controversial antipoverty programs: Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). Using three years of data from two counties in Wisconsin, the authors examine poverty, how families initially become and continue to be eligible for AFDC, how welfare can be studied using an Event History Analysis, and program evaluation. Unlike most studies of welfare receipt, this volume examines the AFDC-Basic and AFDC-Unemployed Parent programs separately. It is must reading for anyone interested in poverty, AFDC, welfare reform, and program evaluation. To make informed decisions about reforming welfare, we must have strong grasp of how the current system works, and this timely book accomplishes that complex and necessary task.