Perfectionism, Mood States, and Disordered Eating in Female Athletes and Performers

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According to the report of National Women’s Health Center, attitudes that lay the groundwork for developing disordered eating occur as early as fourth or fifth grade. This study examines the factors that contribute to eating disorders in females athletes, filling a gap in the existing scholarship on the subject.


“This book is an excellent source of information for high achieving female athletes and performers. . . . The relationship of performance to health and to eating habits is too often overlooked, perhaps due to lack of information, resulting in minor to grave health problems and performance failures. The contents of Dr. Nagel’s book can produce information that may eliminate some of these problems.” – Dr. Linda McClure

“This book offers considerable insight into the various possible causes of eating disorders and their physical and psychological effect on athletes and performers. . . . Dr. Nagel has made an important contribution in the field of eating disorders in female athletes and performers.” – Dr. Ursula K. Falk

Table of Contents

Types of Eating Disorders
Theories of Eating Disorders
Symptoms of Eating Disorders
Risks and Complications of Eating Disorders
Prevalence of Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders, Family, and Society
Starvation in Female Athletes
Disordered Eating and Athletic Performance in Females
The Female Athlete Triad: Mood States, Disordered Eating, and Athletic Performance in Females
Parents, Coaches, Peers, and Media
Implications and Recommendations for Parents and Coaches
Measurements of Eating Disorders, Mood States, and Perfectionism
Perfectionism, Mood States, and Disordered Eating in Female Ballet Dancers
A Case Study Summary

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