Essays on Issues in Applied Developmental Psychology and Child Psychiatry

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“In this ambitious and wide ranging work, Hosin brings together a number of contributors who describe and review some key applied areas relevant to child development. These contributors include not only academics but also workers in the field, who have to deal with children and families in their professional practice. In particular the authors have taken an applied focus and develop their themes in a way that links practical issues with developmental psychological theory. The topics considered range widely, including child rearing practices, children and violence, the development of fear, drugs, and mental health. In all of these the authors are careful to emphasize the complexities of the problems they are tackling. In particular, the important message that there is no simple cause and effect relationships in the way children react to traumatic circumstances that they sometimes find themselves in. . . . An unusual aspect of the book is that a number of the contributors take a cross-cultural perspective on their themes. This book will be welcomed by a wide range of readers: not only students and researchers in psychology and psychiatry, but also people who work with children, and those who have an interest I children’s welfare.” – Dr. J. MacDonald

“I would highly recommend this comprehensive and informative book to undergraduate and postgraduate students. It will also appeal to mental health practitioners. It offers the reader a good introduction to the key ideas and themes informing current practice in child and family mental health. The text is particularly useful as it takes into consideration issues of social inequality and offers the reader concrete examples of good practice. It is unusual in offering a broad cross-cultural perspective and will appeal to readers who are working within ethnic minority and refugee populations.” – Dr. Rachel Morrall

“Dr. Hosin has successfully brought together academics and clinicians from several disciplines to produce this book which aims to meet the needs of both students and professionals involved with children. It covers a wide range of issues and there will be something of interest for everyone. The chapters are well referenced and clearly written and can be understood by non-experts. The editor has done his task well as there is little repetition between chapters but many are interrelated. . . . an enjoyable and stimulating book. It has a multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective. I recommend it for students and practitioners in psychology, social work, nursing, child psychiatry and public and community health.” – Dr. Philip M. Fleming

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Theories and factors influencing child development (Jess Prior)
2. Child-rearing practices and the development of social competence: A cross cultural perspective (Dimitra Hartas and Marie Parker-Jenkins)
3. Child development and the influences of media violence: The role of creative thinking ability (Simon Moore, Carol Denyer, and Alice Klien)
4. Child development and the political violence of Northern Ireland (Mícheál F. Roe, Frances McLernon and Ed Cairns
5. State of children in conflict regions and the impact of war on the development of young children and adult family members: Issues from past and contemporary research on PTSD (Amer A. Hosin)
6. Childhoods marked by abuse and violence: Legacies of harm (Liz Kelly and Linda Regan)
7. Fears in children: A cross-cultural perspective (Brian Yeo)
8. Current knowledge of Obsessive Compulsive disorder in children and adolescents (Aisha Othman Jan, Khalid Ali Al-Abbadey)
9. An overview of developmental risk in children of drug-using parents (David Goosey)
10. Perceptions and use of drugs among adolescents of some ethnic minority groups in the United Kingdom (Tim Walpole and Manjit Bola)
11. Drug abuse: A professional service to under-18 substance users in Portsmouth (Dawn L. Roberts)
12. Adolescent development (Jean Whyte)
13. Social inequality, policy formation and children’s mental well-being (Eileen O’Keefe and Christine Hogg)

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