Collected Writings of Jessie Forsyth the Good Templars and Temperance Reform on Three Continents

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The memoirs, letters, essays, fiction, and other representative writings of Jessie Forsyth (1847-1937) of Britain, America, and Australia, with a biographical introduction. Forsyth's order of Good Templars pioneered equal rights for women, fought a bitter internal battle over the rights of blacks, and emphasized the internationalism of the Good Templar brotherhood and sisterhood.


"Fahey brings the Templars to life . . . . [A] clear and helpful 67-page introduction . . . ." - Choice

". . . an invaluable contribution to IOGT [International Organization of Good Templars] historical literature . . . . It is a book which deserves many readers from around the world." - The Globe

". . . a fascinating discussion of the career of Jessie Forsyth . . . main body of the text consists of several hundred pages of hitherto inaccessible material on one of the most important international reform organizations of the late nineteenth century . . . indebted to Fahey . . . for rescuing from obscurity some elements of the work of this unjustly neglected organization." - Social History of Alcohol Review

". . . splendidly introduced and edited . . ." - Social History of Alcohol Review

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