How the Modern System of Imprisonment and Punishment was Created: A History of the First Penitentiary: 1553-1865

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Authors' Description: "The social and economic conditions of the Tudor age...led to reform of the existing system of justice, such as it was, in 16th century England. This was achieved through the institution of 'a proper system of Poor Relief,' based upon compulsory rates and differentiation between the various classes of the indigent. ...Working Houses or Houses of Correction were set up. The first of these Houses appeared in the former Royal Palace of Bridewell, given by King Edward VI to the City of London in 1553. From that came the popular name "Bridewell" for these institutions, a name that lingered for hundreds of years. ...Bridewell's history as a workhouse for petty offenders has monopolized the attention of historians so that the truly pioneering work of the Royal Hospital has been overshadowed. This book attempts to correct that omission."

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