Commissioned Reviews of 250 Psychological Tests

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These two volumes provide an overview of psychology tests developed during the 1990s, written to be accessible to both experienced and inexperienced researches. Over 250 academics, from 20 countries, have provided 300 reviews of tests that cover health psychology, social psychology, personality and individual differences, developmental, occupational, educational and cognitive psychology. Each review contains information regarding: the variable measured; description of the test; sample in which the test was developed; reliability, including appropriate information on internal reliability, test-retest reliability and factor structure; validity; where the test is located; final evaluative comments.


This handbook will be essential for every university library. Those doing and supervising psychological research will want to own a copy, as will those occupied with psychological assessment in clinical, educational, occupational, health and other contexts. The books is a detailed source of information on modern psychological tests. The editors and reviewers are to be congratulated on the range, comprehensiveness and sheer interest of the book, the clarity and consistency of presentation, and the careful adherence to contemporary psychometric standards.  Kate M. Loewenthal

The major strength of the volume concerns the systematic, disciplined and thorough way in which each instrument is presented and assessed. In each case the construct is sharply defined, and the instrument carefully described. . . . Each instrument is also assessed by the reviewer in respect of strengths, weaknesses and further potential developments. A useful set of references locates the source of the instrument and subsequent studies in which the instrument has been employed.  Dr. Leslie J. Francis

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Vol. 1:
Foreword; Preface
1. Health Psychology: Attitudes, Behaviours and Experiences
2. Cognitive Psychology: Cognitions, Coping and Ability
3. Personality and Individual Differences
Vol. 2:
4. Social Psychology: Attitudes, Beliefs, and Interpersonal Relationships
5. Psychological Well-being
6. Developmental Psychology: Childhood, Families, Adulthood and Aging
7. Work and Educational Psychology
Subject and author indexes
Volume One: 0-7734-7452-8 $109.95/£69.95 476pp. 2000
Volume Two: 0-7734-7454-4 $109.95/£69.95 484pp. 2000

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