Subject Area: Comparative Government

Democratization Around the World: New Insights From South East Asia, Turkey, Kosovo, Taiwan, and Ghana
 Stockemer, Daniel
2011 0-7734-1492-4 212 pages

Price: $179.95

Interest Groups and Lobbying in United States and Comparative Perspectives. Essays in Ethics, Institutional Pluralism, Regulation, and Management
 McGrath, Conor
2009 0-7734-4692-3 452 pages
This collection of original research on interest groups and lobbying around the world offers the most wide-ranging set of scholarly analyses of organized interest behavior available to date. While there is an enormous amount of research already available on groups in the American political process, and a smaller though still sizeable body dealing with interest representation in the other Western democracies, this collection provides scholars with perspectives on an unprecedented range of nations.

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Parliamentary Career of Charles De Laet Waldo Sibthorp, 1826-1855. Ultra-Tory Opposition to Reform in Nineteenth Century Britain
 Roberts, Stephen
2010 0-7734-1359-6 156 pages
This book adds to our knowledge of British politics in the period from Catholic Emancipation (1829) to the Great Exhibition (1851). It includes a biographical introduction on Sibthorp, an analytical essay on his ultra-Tory political opinions and extracts with annotations from his very readable and lively speeches in the House of Commons on such issues as Catholic Emancipation, the Maynooth Grant, parliamentary reform, retrenchment, government secrecy, military matters, railways, agricultural protection and the Great Exhibition. This book contains five color photographs.

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Philosophy of Global Pluralism: A Multicultural Aproach to Political Theory
 Vieceli, Jacqueline
2012 0-7734-2656-6 328 pages
Taking a multi-cultural approach to political theory, this book explores a sample of Western and non-western thinkers’ positions on key questions of normative political philosophy. The author includes thinkers from Confucian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, African, and Western traditions to synthesize a new approach to political theory. Her thesis is that there are very few scholars employing a multicultural approach to political theory, and that engaging in dialogue with other cultural traditions can bring a superior understanding of others and lead to an increase in global understanding.

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Political Philosophy of Eric Voegelin and His Followers: A Criticism of the Voegelinians
 Cole, David R.
2009 0-7734-4881-0 404 pages
This work is the first book-length criticism of the political philosophy of Eric Voegelin. This book demonstrates that despite his assertions to the contrary, Voegelin harbored long-standing partisan ideological leanings. After a thorough explication of both primary and secondary Voegelin literature, the author scrutinizes Voegelin’s claims of essential agreement between Plato and Aristotle; his attacks on Marx and Hegel; and his analysis of the character of a modern ‘gnostic.’ The concluding chapter places the ‘Voegelin phenomenon’ in the context of contemporary American political cleavages.

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Problems in the Implementation of Government Policies in the West Indies
 Bissessar, Ann Marie
2012 0-7734-2610-8 416 pages
This book focuses on the field of policy implementation in various countries across the world. The book tries to capture the way various policies are implemented in countries such a Chile, Finland, Australia, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. The book features the writing of the top academicians of public policy. The book tries to unravel whether the challenges facing policy makers across the globe are similar or if there are essential differences in the policy implementation in these countries. The factors and obstacles that confront the processes of implementation in different countries are identified, analyzed, dissected, having their limitations exposed. The issues being considered are the stages involved, whether it’s a top-down or bottom-up approach, the clarity of the definition of goals, and the relationship between goals and outcomes. The book is essential reading for those who want to understand the causes of policy failure in a different context.

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Protection of Freedom of Expression in Africa: Problems of Application and Interpretation of Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (Two book set)
 Adjei, William Edward
2015 1-4955-0406-9 1012 pages
This groundbreaking research is concerned about the impact of African governments’ criminal penalties for defamatory statements and policies restricting the legitimate exercise of the right to freedom of expression. This book examines how the intolerant culture in African politics is used to deprive citizens and the media of these human rights.

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