Philosophy of Global Pluralism: A Multicultural Aproach to Political Theory

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Taking a multi-cultural approach to political theory, this book explores a sample of Western and non-western thinkers’ positions on key questions of normative political philosophy. The author includes thinkers from Confucian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, African, and Western traditions to synthesize a new approach to political theory. Her thesis is that there are very few scholars employing a multicultural approach to political theory, and that engaging in dialogue with other cultural traditions can bring a superior understanding of others and lead to an increase in global understanding.


“The range of thinkers that she juxtaposes is the real contribution of the book… the ideas intersect and open up different comparative facets in novel and revealing ways.”

Patrick O’Meara,
Indiana University

“This is an extremely valuable work that makes a significant contribution, not just to classical questions in political philosophy but to current issues confronting the world today.”

Prof. Wayne Allen,
Minnesota State University – Mankato

“The manuscript is not only conceptually sophisticated and consistent with the highest standards of scholarship, it clearly breaks new ground. It will serve as a resource for years to come.”

Prof. Steven W. Laycock,
University of Hawaii: Leeward Community College

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