Subject Area: Music-Specific Musician/Performer

Aldo Parisot, The Cellist: The Importance of the Circle
 Hawkshaw, Susan
2023 1-4955-1148-0 216 pages
"This book will explore the career of renowned cellist Aldo Parisot, using first hand interviews with him and his wife Elizabeth as well as material from written sources. The book will stress Mr. Parisot's solo career, and will also touch upon his teaching career. My argument will be that Parisot is an extraordinary cellist with a creative bent. Not only was he an exceptional interpreter of what composers put on paper, but he also made creative suggestions to composers with regard to how their music might be more effective on the cello and more effective in general. Composers such as Villa-Lobos and Martino tailored their work to his cellistic personality, and Parisot sometimes made suggestions having to do with composition along the way. For example, Villa-Lobos in his Second Cello Concerto wrote a slow movement similar to what he had done in his Bachianas. ...This book might be useful to all students of the cello as well as Mr. Parisot's students in particular, as there is much to be learned from Parisot's comments on the history of the cello, and also about the expansion of the cello repertoire and the history of cello ensemble playing in the twenty and twenty-first centuries. It might also be of interest to scholars in the history of string performance and the cello in particular, but it is written in non-technical language and might equally well be read by contemporary aficionados of the cello." -Susan Hawkshaw ("Preface") This book was originally published in 2018 by Pendragon Press.

Price: $179.95

Biographical Essays on Twentieth-Century Percussionists
 Larrick, Geary
1992 0-7734-9559-2 336 pages
This, the first multiple biography in the discipline of percussion music research, contains an impressive amount of contemporary accurate detail regarding the professional careers of many important percussionists who have held leading positions since the early twentieth century. It also includes a wealth of information in the areas of symphonic and jazz music, including major composers and timpanists. The text is written in an accessible style by a percussionist who is acquainted with a considerable number of the biographical subjects. Among subjects included are Vida Chenoweth, Lionel Hampton, William Ludwig, Jan Pustjens, and seventy-six others. Its bibliographical information is unique regarding the field, and includes reference books, articles, audio recordings, video recordings, and compositions.

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Cesar Franck--Composer, Teacher, Organist: A Guide to Research
 Flynn, Timothy
2024 1-4955-1239-8 268 pages
"The materials examined in the present study represent an overview of the scholarship regarding the life and music of Cesar Franck (1822-1890) as well as selected sources associated with nineteenth century French music in general. Studies pertaining to other composers and musical genres connected with Franck have been included to offer the researcher more extensive information regarding the composer's life and times. This monograph is not meant to be an exhaustive collection of material, but rather it consists of a cross section of what has been written about the composer, his music, and the history surrounding him. The purpose of this resource tool is to facilitate further research and deeper inquiry into Franck as a composer, teacher, and organist in addition to his influence upon music history through his works." (Dr. Timothy Flynn, "Preface") [This is a revised version of the book published by Pendragon Press in 2019].

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Gilbert Kalish: American Pianist
 Freeman, Robert
2023 1-4955-1086-7 282 pages
"Gil's devotion to the music of our own time has been legion, making him the champion of three generations of living composers. If you were a senior counted on Gil to internalize your language, your intent, and to breathe life into the marks on the page. If you were a young composer, you knew that you would have a powerful mirror held up for you in which you could see clearly where you stood, and where you needed to learn and to grow. ...His effect on the people fortunate enough to work with him--in any capacity--has been radiant. The pages that follow chronicle this extraordinary man and his influence. His story--which continues undiminished in the present day--is a joyous affirmation of everything we hold dear in our art and in our lives." -Robert Freeman (Preface) This book was originally published in 2021 by Pendragon Press.

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Joseph J. Iadone, America's Foremost Lutenist: An Intimate, Revelatory Memoir
 Boccagna, David L.
2023 1-4955-1092-1 336 pages
"[H]ere are my recollections, remembrances, memoirs and performances essentially from 1956 through 1958 when I lived with Joe in New Haven, Connecticut, and in later years when performing with him. Essentially it is a brief epoch of the time I spent with him, but, as the reader will discover, his influence lives on today with an even greater impact now, than it had when I lived with him." - David Boccagna (Memoirs Prelude)

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Norway's Greatest 19th Century Musician: The Extraordinary Life of Ole Bull
 Herresthal, Harald
2023 1-4955-1150-2 456 pages
This is a softcover book. The book is written for all readers and includes informative paragraphs inserted into the text to explain terms and offer biographical information of people mentioned. "This book tells the story of how a young boy from Bergen could become world-famous.... You will come with Ole on his concert tours and get to know many of the famous people he met on his way. At the same time, you will be on a journey in history and can learn a little of what it was like to be an artist and a person more than 150 years ago," (Authors' Foreword).

Price: $39.95

The Chevalier de Saint-Georges: Virtuoso of the Sword and the Bow
 Banat, Gabriel
2023 1-4955-1122-7 560 pages
This is a biography of The Chevalier de Saint-Georges. "Now, over two centuries after his death, the legacy that Saint-Georges left to posterity is as multifaceted as his attributes: fairness, honor, strength, courage, and a passion for justice. But above all, he left us a musical heritage that has enriched our knowledge and appreciation of that most human of instruments: the violin." -Gabriel Banat ["Epilogue"] This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2006.

Price: $319.95