Biographical Essays on Twentieth-Century Percussionists

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This, the first multiple biography in the discipline of percussion music research, contains an impressive amount of contemporary accurate detail regarding the professional careers of many important percussionists who have held leading positions since the early twentieth century. It also includes a wealth of information in the areas of symphonic and jazz music, including major composers and timpanists. The text is written in an accessible style by a percussionist who is acquainted with a considerable number of the biographical subjects. Among subjects included are Vida Chenoweth, Lionel Hampton, William Ludwig, Jan Pustjens, and seventy-six others. Its bibliographical information is unique regarding the field, and includes reference books, articles, audio recordings, video recordings, and compositions.


. . . an important addition to the ever increasing pool of information on percussion and percussionists. Each bio is written in a concise style focusing on the highlights of the artist's career with an occasional personal evaluation by the author . . . This book will prove to be valuable to the percussion community as a quick source of biographical information on a select group of percussionists. It is a well organized book with easily read font, printed on good paper stock." -- John Beck in Percussive Notes

". . . highly recommended for all performers, teachers, and scholars with an interest in percussion. The biographical information can be extremely helpful when putting together a recital program or lecture/performance. Descriptions of specialized expertise, such as John Bergamo's extensive knowledge of hand drumming, are helpful to those seeking instruction and advice in such fields. Most importantly, however, the biographical essays will enable aspiring young percussionists to compare and contrast the diverse paths taken toward success in the multi-dimensional scenerio of percussive artistry." -- NACWPI Journal

"I find the book to represent the highest of academic standards: those including impartiality, thoroughness, conciseness, clarity, unique creativity and wit. I am impressed with the breadth of subject content and format (no easy task when dealing with musician/percussionists)." - Glenn Steele

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