An Autobiographical Bibliography of Percussion Music

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Methodology in this interdisciplinary study incorporated viewing more than two hundred periodicals in University Library in the Learning Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, during the first three months of 2005. Thus, references taken involve that time frame or in the recent past.

The author started at the beginning of the alphabet; that is, periodicals with titles starting with the letter “A,” and went to the letter “J,” whose publications for the most part started with the title word “Journal.” This encompassed well over two hundred bibliographic entries in the book and research notes, adding annotations that often include author memoirs.

The result is an interdisciplinary view of percussion music. Many authors, editors and articles are cited, in a number of different fields, i.e. sociology, anthropology, health, physical and social sciences, natural resources, and the humanities. The author of this book has made an effort not to replicate the original works, but simply to use them as a stepping stone to further discussion. Therefore, both the bibliography and the associated references are important to the subject.

The reader is invited to attend this tour of the periodical collection, and to enjoy its diversity, variety, threads of similarity, personal and professional memoirs that are related to the subject at hand, and to discover all the wonders that are available to the modern reader. Citations include a multicultural list of names from a multiplicity of nationalities and ancestral sources, coming together, for the most part, in the academy of post-secondary and higher education.


“ ... Dr. Larrick’s newest foray into the percussion literature unites his art with science. His diverse interests carried him to the scientific articles of the great literary collections, and the articles he found spurred his interest and musings from this vast experience as a musician. As usual, a veteran percussionist will share in his diverse interests, but a young percussionist will find here many of the pitfalls and obstacles that face a person who is considering a career as a musician, and what is even more challenging, life as a percussionist.” – (from the Commendatory Preface) Professor Richard Pinnell, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

“Dr. Larrick has assembled an eclectic list of books from which he correlates his ideas into percussion music ... He ties in the books with his own life as a musician ... This book is sure to appeal to the scholarly percussionist who is looking for ideas perhaps for a graduate dissertation or essay.” – Professor John H. Beck, Eastman School of Music

“This is another of Dr. Larrick’s fascinating bibliographies that spell out, in economic language, some meaningful slice of percussion life. Although the style is vintage Larrick, musical analysis this time is almost absent. The annotations here are more generally contemplative. An emphasis, however, remains on percussion performance, composition, and education ... Not only is Dr. Larrick the premier bibliographer of percussion literature, he’s a fine philosopher as well. As with all of his books, this one is an optimistic celebration of the author’s life in music, without ignoring at times formidable challenges. Though Dr. Larrick’s books all carry at least some of his philosophical flavor, it’s especially evident in this work, inviting the reader to apprehend certain of his life views – a worthwhile endeavor for anyone.” – David Kaster, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point

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