Bibliographic Analysis of Percussion Literature

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This volume surveys a broad spectrum, from Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, through Ellington, Richard Rodgers, and the Beatles. It has more than a hundred essays annotating bibliographic entries concerning percussion, based on the author’s experience as performer, teacher and writer. Broad subjects encompassed include opera, symphony orchestra, popular and jazz music, virtuosity and education, musicology and history, African-American history and women’s history.


“Dr. Larrick’s procedure in this volume is to review salient articles, books, and compositions of his specialty. It is thus a guide to the noteworthy literature and compositions of the percussion world. The story is laced with biographical minutiae about the author’s own experiences. Some episodes are anecdotal and amusing. However, for the most part, the many personal details concern the serious issues and challenges posed in the world of performance. Thus, performers who read it will learn of the challenges in the field and how to avoid pitfalls along the way…. This book is essentially a review of important percussion music and literature from the perspective of an experienced professional.” – Richard Pinnell, PhD, Professor of Music, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Preface; Foreword
Adams – bibliography; Adato – bibliography; Als – the critics; Arsuaga – Requiem; Bach- Concerto; Bailey – bells; Barnhart – Hinger; Bart – Consider Yourself,Food; Bauer – music; Beck – fluids, drum; the cymbal; Beethoven – Sinfonie, symphony; Berlioz – reveries; Bibliography - Hattiesburg; Blades – Education; Blades – timpani; Blades – baroque; Bonanni – drum; Botstein – analysis; Brahms – Opus 68, Opus 73; Bruce – Paris; Burns – Milwaukee; Butterworth – Colgrass; Carpenter – Sahara; Churchill – April; Cimarosa – Matrimonio; Cohen – Ptaszynska; Combs – literature; Cummings – Colgrass; Damrosch – Bruckner; Deagan – catalogue; de Barros – jazz; Denny – instruments; Dinicu – Fischer; Donizetti – Lucia; Dudek – review; Ebert – lifestyle; Ellington – xylophone; Ewen – popular; Fame – Beatles; Feather – encyclopedia; Fillmore – Cincinnati; Frazeur – marimba; Freed – Key; Galm – Brazil; Gard – health; Geiringer – family; Gelfand – tempo; Gold – guitar; Gounod – Faust; Handel – Water; Haydn – Chorale, Symphony; Hill – Sibelius; Hinger – repertoire; Hochrainer – etuden; Hong – research, sources; Howe – Republic; Humperdinck – Schirmer; Johnson – Lee; Jung – Students; Kavyu – Kenya; Kennedy – Oxford; Key – Leonard; Kingan – choirs; Kurka – Weintraub; Laird – Berstein; Larrick – Becker, castanets, cymbal, drumming, music, native, playing, cadences, Gard, timpani, selected; Latimer – ASCAP; Leikin – Chopin; Lillegard – Chicago; Link – Carter; Lotterer – Schlagzeug; McKay – orchestration; Mitchell – Partch; Mozart – Giovanni; Mozart – Figaro; Myers – Chabrier; Paisiello – Barbiere; Parker – Chavez; Percussion – Cage, index; Britannica; books; Peters – masters; Ping – Garland; Plate – Galpin; Posell – orchestra; Pratt – solo; Purdy – Wisconsin; Randel – Ptaszynska; Richards – Gwyn; RILM – musicology; Rodgers – library, Honey; Ruhlmann – Hampton; Schmeider – Werke; Schroeder – magic; Serwer – fortune; Shipton – exploring; Skowronski – Copland; Spohn – creative; Sousa – march; Staff – Warfield; Stout – weekend; Strunk – harmony; Sustaining – notes; Tommasini – times; Tschaikowsky – Petersburg; Urguhart – songs; Conclusion
Appendix – Internet
Bibliography; Index

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