Freeman, Robert

Gilbert Kalish: American Pianist
2023 1-4955-1086-7
"Gil's devotion to the music of our own time has been legion, making him the champion of three generations of living composers. If you were a senior counted on Gil to internalize your language, your intent, and to breathe life into the marks on the page. If you were a young composer, you knew that you would have a powerful mirror held up for you in which you could see clearly where you stood, and where you needed to learn and to grow. ...His effect on the people fortunate enough to work with him--in any capacity--has been radiant. The pages that follow chronicle this extraordinary man and his influence. His story--which continues undiminished in the present day--is a joyous affirmation of everything we hold dear in our art and in our lives." -Robert Freeman (Preface) This book was originally published in 2021 by Pendragon Press.

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