Norway's Greatest 19th Century Musician: The Extraordinary Life of Ole Bull

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This is a softcover book. The book is written for all readers and includes informative paragraphs inserted into the text to explain terms and offer biographical information of people mentioned.

"This book tells the story of how a young boy from Bergen could become world-famous.... You will come with Ole on his concert tours and get to know many of the famous people he met on his way. At the same time, you will be on a journey in history and can learn a little of what it was like to be an artist and a person more than 150 years ago," (Authors' Foreword).

Table of Contents

Childhood and youth
Artistic life in Paris
Italy-the home of the violin
The career takes off
The lure of America
From Paris to the coast of Africa
Longing for freedom in Europe
A Norwegian colony in the USA
Everything for Norway
The Atlantic voyager
Criss-crossing America
Ole Bull's Most Important Composiions
Ole Bulls' Life Year by Year

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