Dance Music from the Ballets de Cour 1575-1651: Historical Commentary, Source Study, and Transcriptions from the Philidor Manuscripts

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"In establishing my aims, I have concentrated on four I believe to be of highest priority:
(1) Characterize this musical repertory and place it in its historical context.
(2) Review past scholarship on this music, identifying controversies and accounting for inaccuracies and
(3) Establish principles for musical performance practice.
(4) Provide a reliable edition of selected representative works (based on the best possible sources) suitable for both
scholarly study and practical performance, describing the sources and discussing their respective primacy, use and
-David J. Buch [Preface]

This book was originally published in 1993 by Pendragon Press.

Table of Contents

I. Commentary
1. Le grand Monde: 1575-1650
Social Strata within Le Grand Monde; New Styles in Dress, Social Dance, and Music
2. Dance Music and its Performance Practices in the Ballet de Cour
The Surviving Corpus of Ballet Dances; the Composers; Musical Style and Choreometric Structure; Performance
3. Sources, Editorial Methods, and Critical Notes
On the Reliability of the Philidor Manuscripts; A Comparison of the Sources; Notation, Editorial Methods, and
Critical Notes
II. The Music
i. Six Allemandes
ii. Ballet a Cheval fait pour le grand Carouselle fait a la Place Royal pour le Mariage de Louis 13. Joue par les grand
hautbois, 1615 (F-Pn, Res. F 494, pp. 106-110 [dated 1610 in Res. F 496]
III. Concert a Louis XIII par les 24 Viollons et les 12 Grand hautbois de plusieurs airs choisy de Differens ballets, 1627
(F-Pn, Res. F 494, pp. 1-24)
IV. Ballet des Nations. Danse devant Louis XIII a St. Germain [le 13 janvier] l'An 1638
V. Ballet du Roy des Festes de Baccus. Danse au Palais Royal le 2e et le 4e jour de May. 1651 (F-Pn, Res. F 498, pp. 1-27)


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