Joseph J. Iadone, America's Foremost Lutenist: An Intimate, Revelatory Memoir

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"[H]ere are my recollections, remembrances, memoirs and performances essentially from 1956 through 1958 when I lived with Joe in New Haven, Connecticut, and in later years when performing with him. Essentially it is a brief epoch of the time I spent with him, but, as the reader will discover, his influence lives on today with an even greater impact now, than it had when I lived with him." - David Boccagna (Memoirs Prelude)

Table of Contents

I. Memoirs; Recollections and Remembrances
II. Some of Joe's Humor
III. Joe's Relationship with Pitch and Nuances
IV. How Joe Practiced and Prepared his Lutes
V. Joe's Enamoring with Sound, Color and Phrasing
VI. Joe's Phrasing, Breathing and Interpretation
VII. Joe's Personae and Early Influences
VIII. Joe's Bass Lines, Altering of Harmonies, His Sensitivity to Silence, the "Void", and the Sixth Sense
IX. Joe's Belief in Expanding our Senses and His Spiritualism
X. Joe and Perception: An Excursion into his Artistic Reality
XI. Joe's Innermost Self
XII. Joe's Self Intimidation
XIII. Joe's Favorite Quotes that Influenced Him
XIV. Joe's Diary Notes
XV. Joe's Perception of Perception
XVI: Joe's Need for Conflict, Consternation, Pain and Suffering
XVII. Joe's love for Simplicity and finding the Essence of things and How Exhaustively he Sought to Find it
XVIII. Joe's Theory in how to enhance the Beauty, Awareness and Appreciation of Silence; Joe's Belief in Sbliminal Messaging; Joe's Belief in Predestination and the Foreordained

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