Youth Violence in American Schools: How It Can Be Alleviated

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This book elucidates the pedagogical and professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to teach K-12 students positive thinking and behavioral skills. It will help individuals at all levels of society to become cognizant of the academic and social value of peace education.


“This book addressing issues related to peace education and anti-violence is a necessity in this society in the twenty-first century. . . . this book is vital in providing information toward identifying solutions for the world-wide violence epidemic.” – Prof. Press Robinson, Duplichain University

“. . . an excellent resource in any academic curriculum for teachers in K-12 schools, colleges and universities across the country dealing with your violence in our schools.” – Prof. Mary Addison, Region District Administrator School Board, Houston, TX

“This book reminds us that we need to promote peaceful communication in schools and society, develop processes for peaceful relationships among our children, and to focus on the value and worth of a healthy environment among our children.” – Prof. Melba Venison, Southern University at New Orleans

Table of Contents

Foreword by Press Robinson
1. Be the Beacon of Light that Reflects: Peace Education in Behavior and Interaction – Rose Duhon-Sells, Glendolyn Duhon-Jeanlouis, Gwendolyn Duhon-Owen, and Alice Duhon-McCullam
2. Children Exposed to War and Violence: How Does One Prepare Authoritative Figures and Aid in the Elimination of Violence in the Classroom? – Doris L. Terrell, Ashraf Esmail, and Kathy Franklin
3. The APPLE Program, a Student, Home, and School Prevention Partnership: To Impact the Academic, Social, and Personal Development of AT-Risk Students – Horace R. Rice, Doris L. Terrell, and Kathy Franklin
4. Peace Education: Reflections If I Can See Myself, I Can Change – Doris L. Terrell, Ashraf Esmail, Kathy Franklin, and Mattie Spears
5. Peace Education: Classroom Management in the Urban Center – Anna Lamikanra, Ashraf Esmail, and Shireen Kadivar
6. Teaching Peace Education and Conflict Analysis and Resolution Processes through the Visual Thinking Strategies Method – Shireen Kavidar, Hooshang Kavidar, Perry Carter, Sujata Dube, and Ashraf Esmail
7. The Rationale for Using Critical Literacy in Peace Education – Shireen Kavidar, Sujata Dube, and Ashraf Esmail
8. Addressing the Problem of School Violence: An Approach to Peace Education – Carolyn E. Gross and Ashraf Esmail
9. Home Schooling: Protect Your Child(ren), A Sense of Peace – Brucetta McClue, Ashraf Esmail, and Chris Rose
10. Incorporating Peace Education Strategies in the University Classroom: Approaches Used in Sociology Courses – Lisa Eargle, Shyamal Das, and Ashraf Esmail
11. The Impact of Violence on the Lives of Children – Carolyn E. Gross and Ashraf Esmail
12. Reflection on Crime and Safety in the Schools: A Curriculum, Introduction, and Educational Leadership Problem – Doris L. Terrell, Ashraf Esmail, Rose Duhon-Sells, and Kathy Franklin
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