Career of Dona Ines De Suarez, the First European Woman in Chile Conquistadora

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“In Inés de Suárez Ann Nauman makes a valuable contribution by writing a vivid, engrossing account of the career of one of the true European discoverers of Chile. As Nauman emphasizes, Dona Inés de Suárez’s contributions to the discovery and early development of Chile and its capital, Santiago, have been shunted aside. . . . Nauman does a masterful job in piecing together the pieces of the puzzle of Suárez’s life. . . .The result is a rich, objective account, not just of Suárez’s life, but the founding of the great South American country.” – from the Preface by Michael L. Kurtz

“. . . Nauman sets about establishing Suárez’s contributions to Chilean history without going overboard in the militant feminist fashion so in vogue today. Instead, she sticks faithfully to her numerous sources (nearly 100), both historical and fictional, to bring out the life and times of Chile’s heroes. . . . Stylistically, this investigation is clear, concise and possesses a convincing development of the historical narrative. . . . In brief, Nauman’s highlighting of the complex nature of Inés de Suárez , gives this heroine a more nuanced portrait than she has received heretofore in historical sources. . . . a welcome addition to scholarship in the field of historical studies on Latin America, and especially in the context of the social transformation of the conqueror in America. Highlighted here are expeditionaries of both genders who left behind the life of the typical Spanish colonizer. . . From this fair and measured account of their struggles and intrigues, emerge fascinating portraits of historical protagonists whose unique contributions to the history of Chile warrant the reaching of a wider audience. Ann Nauman’s excellent book makes this possible.” – Cheryll Saylor-Javaherian

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by Michael L. Kurtz
1. Introduction
2. Inés de Suárez, Extremena
3. Pedro de Valdivia
4. The Expedition
5. Foundation of Santiago: City of the Apostle
6. Spanish Treachery and Indian Rebellion
7. Rebuilding Santiago
8. Expansion in Chile, 1544-1547
9. Valdivia in Peru, 1548-1549
10. Inés de Suárez and Rodrigo de Quiroga, 1549-1553
11. New Cities in the South and the Death of Valdivia
12. Dona Marina Ortiz de Gaete
13. Political Change and On-going Indian Wars, 1554-1565
14. Bravo de Saravia and the Real Audiencia, 1565-1573; Rodrigo de Quiroga, 1575-1580
15. Inés Suárez de Quiroga, Gobernadora
Appendices: Those who reached the Mapocho with Valdivia; Proceso de Valdivia; Last will and testament of Rodrigo de Quiroga
Glossary; Bibliography; Index

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