Scholars Teaming to Alleviate Racism in Society ( STARS )

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This book deals with approaches and ideas for dealing with issues related to racism in the community, homes, schools, agencies, and society. The authors represent diversified cultural and ethnic backgrounds and life experiences.


“The book will serve as an excellent supplemental teaching guide for educators, teachers, principals, superintendents, supervisors, consultants, community leaders, school board members, government officials, and parents. College professors will find the diverse content of this book both thought-provoking and stimulating for their students. The information will strengthen the fiber of courses and deeply broaden multicultural diversified perspectives. . . . an excellent resource for those serious individuals who want to make a difference in helping to solve many lingering problems associated with racism in our global society.” – from the preface by William Krirtsonis

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface (William Kritsonis)
Foreword (Edward Wingard)
Introduction (Rose Duhon-Sells, Alice Duhon-Ross, Gwendolyn Duhon)
1. A Journey Toward Enlightenment (Susan H. Horwitz)
2. History and Racism: What Always Was, Is, But Need It Be? (Rochelle Carr Burns)
3. Conjectures of a White Anglo Saxon Catholic Female: Experiences Shaping My Current Attitude About Racism (Mary Ann Jansen)
4. Racism: Early Development and Psychological Aspects (Ronald Goldman)
5. The Content of Her Character (Janet Avery)
6. Understanding Your Christian Students’ Attitudes Toward Racism: Does Training in the Christian Religion Cause Racial Prejudice? (Jeff Garrett and Glenn Doston)
7. Beyond Racism: An International Perspective (W. Henry Alderfer and Lauren Alderfer)
8. The Life Experiences that Shaped Your Current Attitude About Racism (Amelia Gross)
9. Fool for the Other (Beth Hagens)
10. The Devil Can’t Take My Joy: Living in Spite of Racism (Cynthia L. Jackson)
11. Race Relation Orientation of My Childhood (Angela C. May)
12. “No One Model American” Statement: Looking Ahead to the Future (Frances V. Rains)
13. Family Racism (Marie Love)
14. A Winner Never Quits and a Quitter Never Wins ‘Cuz My Daddy Said So (Celina Echols)
15. A National Perspective: Standardized Testing for Fostering Cultural Diversity of Educational Opportunity Enlightenment (Neil T. Faulk)

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