Best Practices for Teaching Students in Urban Schools

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“The content of this book provides information beneficial to parents helping them to understand their roles and responsibilities as major contributors to their children’s healthy development, socially, intellectually and emotionally which are very important to a student’s academic success. Many of the chapters are subject specific, such as reading, mathematics, science, computer application, music, geography, history, African-American literature, and several other related topics. This information will serve as a resource guide to teachers who are concerned about effective strategies to best stimulate the thinking and motivate the interest of students in urban schools. Thus, it is anticipated that this document will improve the quality of teaching and learning of urban students nationally. Southern University at New Orleans is honored to offer this book as a contribution to ensure that all students will have an opportunity to develop to their fullest potential under the guidance of educators who are determined to help them attain their life goals.” – (From the Commendatory Preface) Dr. Press L. Robinson, Chancellor, Southern University at New Orleans

Table of Contents

Foreword/Leon Tarver
Preface/Press L. Robinson
Best Practices for Teaching Students in Urban Schools
• Parental Participation in the Educational Experience of their Children In Urban Schools (Rose Duhon Sells)
• Effective Teaching Training Programs for Urban School Teachers (Melba Venison)
• An Educational Renaissance: Heart Centered Education (Ann Scelba)
• Symmetry of Thought: Tiling the Way Through Mathematics Education (Jeffrey Weaver, Ashraf Esmail, and Sonya Armstrong)
• Best Practices for Teaching Urban Students Assignment, by Assignment Type in the University Setting: A Research Note (Lisa Eargle and Ashraf Esmail)
• Encompassing Professional Development in Urban Schools to Sustain Academic Excellence (Camacia Smith-Ross, Ashraf Esmail, and Angele Thibodeaux)
• The use of Indigenous Knowledge in the World History Class in theUrban Center (Anna E. Lamikanra and Ashraf Esmail)
• Urban Education and the Five Themes of Geography (Anna E. Lamikanra, Ashraf Esmail, and Sonya Armstrong)
• Principles of Human Development: Intelligence, Motivation and Self efficacy: Teaching Music Education in an Urban Setting: A survey (Valerie King)
• The Importance of Utilizing African American Literature in Teaching English & Linguistics in Urban Schools (Halloway C. Sells)
• The Importance’s of Urban School Students Learning Computer Applications in Mathematics (Glendolyn Duhon-JeanLouis, Gwendolyn Duhon, and Alice D. Ross)
• Science and Mathematics Education for Students in Urban Schools (Joe Omojola, Carl P. Johnson, and Henry Hardy)

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