International Perspectives on Methods of Improving Education Focusing on the Quality of Diversity

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Educating for Diversity: The Controversy around Black History (Abul Pitre and Ruth R. Rady)
2. School Management in the Millennia and its Impact on Minorities in America (Cynthia Northington)
3. Womanist Traditions: Black Women as Change Agents in Teacher Education (Djanna Hill)
4. Making a Difference Through Multicultural Education (Ashleigh Mire and Meg Reed)
5. How Teacher Attrition Rate Affects Student Success and Diversity (Glendolyn Duhon Jean-Louis)
6. Service Learning: A Method in Deterring School Violence (Thail Pete, Alice Duhon-Ross)
7. Using Empowerment to Teach Preservice Teachers to Think Critically (Gwendolyn Duhon, Mary Augustus, Kelvin Lartigue, and Ann Leblanc-Bellard)
8. High Achieving Students of Color Speak! (Aida Ceara)
9. Diverse Perspectives on a School-University Partnership: Seeking Excellence at the Middle Level (Leslie Agard-Jones, Carolyn Jenkins, Kathleen F. Malu, Sandra Mickens, and Tamisha Windley)
10. The Elephant in the Classroom: Racism in School Reform (Joan T. Wynne)
11. Preparing New Teachers for Diversity Utilizing Community Perspectives (Christine Canning)
12. Importing the Rainbow: A Latina’s first college teaching experience in the whitest state in the nation (Ann Hagman Cardinal)
13. Trials of Leading the Challenge for Academic Excellence: One Teacher Educator’s Odyssey in a Community Study Circles Project (Patricia L. Marshall)

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