Educators Leading the Challenge to Alleviate School Violence

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Table of Contents

1. A New Model for Alleviating School Violence by Embracing Positive Thinking + Positive Attitude = Academic Success (Rose Duhon-Sells and Halloway C. Sells)
2. Self-Esteem Impacts Youth Violence (Marilyn Larmon, Sandra Cooley, and Gwendolyn Duhon)
3. Bibliography: Healing of Violence in Young People Through Reading (Linda LeBert)
4. Traumatic Exposure: The Impact of Loss and Violence Exposure on the Academic Achievement of Second and Third Graders (Rosalind Duplechain)
5. Nurturing the Growth of a Youth from Violence to Peace: A Guide for Educating Parents and Educators
6. What Do Professionals Think about Partner Violence? A Review of the Literature (Susan H. Horwitz)
7. Geometry: An Ancient University Teaching Model of Unity (Bethe Hagens)
8. Conflict Resolution: Implementing a Conflict Resolution Program in the Curriculum to Help Prevent Youth Violence (Bridgette Thierry and Katy English Peveto)

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