This Woman’s Life a Collection of Poems

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Poems deal with love and sorrow, relationships and war, growth and pain, timidity and fearlessness.


"The superlative poetry of Gwendolyn Boudreaux, as carefully assembled in This Woman’s Life, reveals her talent, skill and ability as a truth teller, expressed with an aesthetic literary gift that is rarely equaled and never surpassed." The Midwest Book Review

"The author of this poetry collection is a truth teller and a truth seeker. When yo complete this book, you will no longer be able to pretend tht you cannot see or cannot say. Your experiences will have been uttered; you will be free and you must decide where you will go from here. Such is the aesthetic and awesome impact. . .she joins women (actually all persons) on our journeys, and eventually she leads us upward from self sabotage to self love." Nanthalia W. Mcjamerson

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