Implications for Teacher Education. Cross Ethnic and Cross Racial Dynamics of Instruction

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“This manuscript is attuned to contemporary issues, it provides real-life approaches for helping and healing and it is masterfully written. It is a must-read for educators, administrators, parents, and community members who face diversity issues in today’s schools. The book is focused on various aspects of diversity, as it exists in educational settings. It is well organized and crystal clear (free of technical jargon) and yet has professional integrity.” – M. Tambura Omoiele

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Cross-Ethnic, Cross-Racial Dynamics of Instruction: Dynamics for Teacher Education (Tony J. Manson)
2. Gender Equity in the Classroom (Tony J. Manson)
3. Teacher Education Preparation for Diversity (Tony J. Manson)
4. Teacher Education Programs – What is the Vision and What Can They Accomplish for Minorities? (Tony J. Manson)
5. Fostering High Ethnic Identity to Enhance Self-worth in African American Children (Sabrina A. Brinson)
6. SAT Issues: Predictability, Validity, and Controversies (Gregory Manson)
7. Hand It Down (Jimmy McJamerson, Nanthalia W. McJamerson)
8. We, Too, Are Inventors (Jimmy McJamerson, Nanthalia W. McJamerson)
9. Effective Communication in the Multi-Cultural Classroom (Larry L Burriss, Kathleen G. Burriss)
10. Gender Differences: Making Connections Between Feelings, Perceptions, and Academic Performance (Gwendolyn Duhon, Rose Duhon-Sells, Linda L. Lebert)
11. The Missing Voice in Afro-centric Multiculturalism (Whitney G. Harris)

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