Developing Literacy Skills Across the Curriculum Practical Approaches, Creative Models, Strategies, and Resources

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These interdisciplinary essays demonstrate diverse techniques for involving administrators, parents, community agencies, and organizations in the process of developing literacy skills.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface (Helen Richards Smith)
1. Enhancing Academic Achievement Through a Continuum of Literacy Activities (Neari F. Warner, Evelyn Francois, Wanda F. Randall)
2. Enhancing Literacy Skills and Self-Esteem through Whole Language and Literature (Gwendolyn M. Duhon, Katrina Boden-Webb, Jimmy McJamerson)
3. Mathematics and the Middle School Student (Patsy Williams)
4. Critical Barriers to Scientific Literacy (Marilyn M. Irving)
5. Strategies for Strengthening Literacy Learning in a Middle School Science Program (Joyce B. Patton)
6. Writing a Book of Their Own: A Key to Literacy Skill Development (Nancy Shepard)
7. Involving Children with Children’s Literature: Strategies That Work (Ellen Butler)
8. The Three ‘R’s” of Critical Literacy: Roots, Reading and Reconstruction (Nanthalia W. McJamerson, A. Kadir Nur-Hussen, Jewel Jackson, Mary Scott Hobdy)
9. Community Coordinating Council, Inc: A Community-Based Effort Which Supports the Literacy Development Efforts of the School (Valena Lane)
10. Developing Literacy Skills Across the Curriculum: Practical Approaches, Creative Models, Strategies, and Resources (Sallie S. Evans)
11. School Public Relations and Business Partnerships: Key Components in the Development of Literacy Skills (Elaine Foster, Tamar L. Roberts)
12. Making Connections: A Field-Based Model for Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Promote Literacy Learning (Loretta Jaggers, Jean G. Brown, Andolyn B. Harrison, Vicki R. Brown)
13. Strengthening Literacy Skills Across the Core Curriculum by Addressing Individual Differences (Glenda S. Starr, Donald W. Smith)
14. Preparing Teachers to Work with Diverse Student Populations (Marilyn Irving)
15. Headlights in the Night: Using Problem-Based Learning Across the Professional Education Curriculum (Kathryn Newman)
16. Literacy for Life Success: Using Critical Pedagogy in Developmental and Educational Psychology Classes (Nanthalia McJamerson, Wasika Goodie, Sandra F. Thomas, Tamir Mutakabbir)
17. Enlarging the Literacy Bank through the Transfer of Study Skills (Christine Paige)
18. Mind Development, Inc.: Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement (Gail Lee)
19. Preparing Pre-service Teachers to Effectively Address Literacy through Clinical Experiences (Florence Simon)