Sir William Wilde, 1815-1876: Surgeon, Scholar, and Father of Oscar Wilde Two Volumes

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Sir William Wilde’s intellectual achievements in many fields were forced into obscurity by the sensation generated by two trials, that of a trial for slander brought against Lady Jane Wilde in December 1864 by a young patient of her husband and the trial of Oscar Wilde in 1895. I have sought to avoid prejudice by presenting and examining his own writings for the contributions he made to research and progress in all his undertakings in science and medicine, particularly aural medicine.


“This fascinating and compelling biography of Sir William Wilde, describing his life and achievements, is a culmination of Professor Karen Tipper’s publications on the parents of Oscar Wilde. Biographies of exceptional people, geniuses in many fields – art, literature, science, and so forth – frequently describe the parents as hardworking but basically uninteresting, limited individuals. Thus this is unusual, but also makes sense to learn the parents of Oscar Wilde were themselves brilliant, productive, and extremely literate people, providing him and his brother and sister with a rich cultural environment in which to grow.”
Professor Donald Tipper,
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Table of Contents

Volume I

Preface: A Versatile Genius

Chapter I: The Historical, Legendary, and Environmental Context of the Life of Sir William Wilde

Chapter II: Family, Childhood, and Schooling

Chapter III: Medical Career and Antiquarian Pursuits

Chapter IV: Personal Life

Chapter V: Narratives of Two Voyages, A Comparison

Chapter VI: Ten Papers on the Early History and Antiquities of Ireland

Chapter VII: Memoirs of Illustrious Physicians and Surgeons

Chapter VIII: Memoirs of Illustrious Physicians and Surgeons, continued, and Memoir of Gabriel Beranger

Chapter IX: Austria: its Literary, Scientific, and Medical Institutions

Chapter X: The Beauties of the Boyne and the Blackwater

Chapter XI: Lough Corrib: Its Shores and Islands

Chapter XII: The Closing Years of Dean’s Swift Life

Chapter XIII: Irish Popular Superstitutions

Chapter XIV: Descriptive Catalogues of the Antiquities in the Museums of the Royal Irish Academy and Essay on the Unmanufactured Animal Remains in the Royal Irish Academy

Volume II

Preface: Teacher, Humanitarian, Editor

Chapter XV: Introductory Address delivered at the School of Medicine, Park Street, Dublin 1845

Chapter XVI: Surgeon Oculist in Ordinary to the Queen in Ireland

Chapter XVII: An Essay upon the Malformations and Congenital Diseases of the Organs of Sight

Chapter XVIII: An Essay upon the Malformations and Congenital Diseases of the Organs of Sight, continued

Chapter XIX: An Essay upon the Malformation and Congenital Diseases of Organs of Sight, continued

Chapter XX: Observations on the Epidemic Ophthalmia which has prevailed in the Workhouses, and Schools of the Tipperary and Athlone Unions

Chapter XXI: Wilde’s to the Irish Censuses of 1841 and 1851 and On the Physical, Moral and Social Condition of the Deaf and Dumb

Chapter XXII: Contributions to Aural Surgery

Chapter XXIII: Contributions to Aural Surgery, continued

Chapter XXIV: Contributions to Aural Surgery, continued

Chapter XXV: Part III continued

Chapter XXVI: Practical Observations on Aural Surgery and the Nature and Treatment of Diseases of the Ear

Chapter XXVIII: The Editor’s Preface and Report on the Progress of Ophthalmic Surgery, for 1847

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