Lady Jane Wilde’s Letters to FrÖken Lotten Von KrÆmer, 1857-1885

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Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship
This is the first volume of Lady Jane Wilde’s letters to be published. Its contents should help to dispel some of the malicious rumors about the Wildes repeated in most biographies.


This collection of her letters to Lotten von Kræmer is of absorbing interest. It brings before us a complex and contradictory woman who was a fiery poet and patriot and an influential literary hostess.” – Donald Mead, Editor, The Wildean: A Journal of Oscar Wilde Studies

“Lady Wilde’s letters from a happier time to her dear friend Lotten von Kraemer are not easily deciphered. . . . Of those who might attempt to deal with such rich, complex material, none can be so qualified as Professor Tipper, the author of the definitive critical biography of Lady Jane Wilde (The Edwin Mellen Press, 2002).” – Prof. Philip McFarland, Concord Academy

“. . . the letters help to dispel the many myths that have dogged the Wilde family ever since Oscar’s incarceration and have been transmitted through the ages from biographer to biographer.” – Prof. James Gallant, Elms College

Table of Contents

Preface by Donald Mead
Lady Wilde’s letter in chronological order
The (Forty) Letters
Final Notes and Fragments of Letters
Appendix I: A Brief Chronology of Lady Jane’s Life
Appendix II: A Brief Chronology of Lotten von Kræmer’s Life
Appendix III: A Letter in Swedish from Jane Wilde to Lotten von Kræmer, March 2, 1861
Appendix IV: A Letter in Swedish from Jane Wilde to Lotten von Kræmer, March 19, 1862

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