Lady Wilde's Letters to Constance Wilde, Friends and Acquaintances, with Selected Correspondence Received

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The current final volume is a collection of correspondence written by Lady Jane Wilde to her daughter-in-law, Constance Wilde, as well as other friends and acquaintances. Lady Wilde, like her son Oscar, was an excellent writer. She had a wide range of interests. Much of the ridicule directed at Lady Wilde and her writing and lifestyle followed the imprisonment of her son in 1894 and reflected Victorian prejudices. These letters provide a different picture: that of a reflective, intelligent and kind woman.

An excellent work in deciphering Lady Wilde’s personal handwritten letters and correspondence. An invaluable source of new information to scholars reassessing the lives of the Wildes, studying the status of women, or working in the field of Irish literature.


“From first to last, the letters seem timelessly human…through the medium of a letter…we of a later era are permitted to bring our empathy into a nineteenth-century Irish home…we witness emotions unfold in a far-off place…”
-Prof. Philip McFarland
Lexington, MA

“Professor Tipper has done a praiseworthy job of deciphering almost all of Lady Wilde’s difficult writing…these letters will further enhance efforts to understand this remarkable woman…readers interested in Irish literature, history and women’s rights will also find the book enjoyable and rewarding.”
-Prof. Matthew Hobson,
Loyola University, Maryland

“The remarkable range of Lady Wilde’s endeavors is fully on display, along with explicit testimony from others as to her achievements…scholars with a variety of interests will find the book rewards their attention. Professor Tipper’s excellent Introduction, her helpful arrangement of her material, and her informative notes makes this book accessible for thoughtful general readers as well.”
-Professor Bruce Bashford,
Stony Brook University

Table of Contents

Letters from Friends and Acquaintances to Lady Wilde
Editing the letters
Letters to Constance Wilde 1884-1893
Letters to friends and acquaintances
Letters to Fru Rosalie Olivecrona
Letter to Madame Lunberg
Letter to Lotten von Kræmer
Letter to Charles Gavan Duffy
Letter to Sir Thomas Larcom
Letter to Lady Larcom
Letter to William Carleton
Letter to Sir John Gilbert
Letter to Dr Robert Travers
Letters to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Letter to Edward Clodd
Letter to Mr Savile Clarke
Letter to Mr [Maguire]
Letter to Mr Jung
Letter to Mrs Philippa Knott
Letter to Kegan Paul, & Co
Letter to Mr D.J. O’Donoghue
Letter to Miss Tupper
Letter to Miss [Bates]
Letter to Mr John O’Connor
Letter to Robert Ross
Letter to Anna, Comtesse de Brémont
Letter to an unknown person
Letter to Mr. John James Piatt
Letter to William Morris
Letter to T.W. Rolleston
Letter to Ernest Leverson
Selected letters from correspondents to Lady Jane Wilde
Letters from Swedish friends

Letter from Fru Rosalie Olivecrona
Letter from Fröken Lotten von Kraemer
Letters in response to Lady Wilde’s publications
Letters from women of social standing
Letters from politicians
Letters from novelists
Letters from poets
Letters from antiquarians
Letters from actresses
Letters from women’s rights advocates
Appendix I
A brief chronology of Lady Jane Wilde’s life relevant to the letters in this volume
Appendix II
Letter from Sir Thomas Larcom to Lady Wilde
Appendix III
Photograph of List of Signatures Received
Appendix IV

List of Signatures Received
Appendix V
Extra Letters of Relevance to Lady Wilde’s Life

Letters in response to Lady Wilde’s kindness towards the grandniece of Oliver Goldsmith
Letter from Meg Noble, daughter of Emily Wilde Noble, Sir William Wilde’s sister
Letter from Mrs. Adelaide Swinburn King, Constance Wilde’s mother
Letter on the death of the Rev. William Basil Kingsbury Maturin
Letter from Ward & Downey, publishers

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