Daniel Lescallier, 1743-1822, Man of the Sea - and Military Spy?

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The period prior to the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars was one of intense industrial espionage. Daniel Lescallier was one of France’s most influential spies, his main aim being to obtain information about the British navy. The context is the story of Daniel Lescallier and his other similar missions. The background is the history of the transfer of industrial technology and military secrets from England to the Continent during the eighteenth century.


“This book is an invaluable historical source illustrating the very ancient practice of industrial espionage and Franco-British naval rivalry in the 18th century ... This study contributes to a better knowledge of technology transfer among European navies at the end of the 18th century and enables the reader to acquire a better understanding of the industrial factors behind, for example, the naval power of a State.” – Professor Sylviane Llinares, Université de Bretagne Sud (France)

"Margaret Bradley has done an excellent job in bringing Lescallier's writings to life, translating and organizing them in a very readable way. Her prose is extremely clear and, given the technical nature of the subject matter, contributes to the accessibility and success of the study." - Dr. Phillip Williams, The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
1. Spies Galore
2. The Early Years of Daniel Lescallier
3. Duties in the Colonies and a Return Visit to Britain with a New Companion, Pierre Forfait
4. The Sequel
5. The 1789 Visit to England and a Commentary on the Resulting Report of Lescallier and Forfait
Appendix 1: Pièces Justificatives
Appendix 2: “Mémoire de MM. Forfait et Lescallier”
Appendix 3: Vocabulary of Naval Terms
1. Works of Daniel Lescallier
2. General Background Works

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