WHY DO YOUNG PEOPLE DECIDE TO BECOME CHRISTIAN MINISTERS? Applying Psychological Type Theory to Understand the Choice of Vocation by Canadian Baptist Teenagers

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Fawcett explores the types of people who decide to become Christian Baptist Ministers in Canada. This book also offers helpful suggestions regarding the recruitment of youth into the vocational ministry by researching the specific demographical outlay of male and female populations who choose to enter the field.


“This book makes a contribution to scholarship by being a well-thought out exploration of issues pertaining to recruitment to church ministry.”

Prof. Andrew Village,
University of Bristol

“The research presented in this book provides a sound basis on which Churches can strengthen their commitment to youth ministry.”

Prof. Leslie J. Francis,
University of Warwick

Table of Contents

1. Youth Mission Tours: A Contemporary Expression of an Historical Commitment

2. Trends in North American Graduate Theological Education

3. Clergy in the Canadian Baptist Context

4. Theoretical Foundations

5 Canadian Baptist Clergy: Typological Identity

6. Mission Tour Participants

7. Tidal Impact Youth: Typological Identity

8. Adolescents’ Perceptions of Christian Ministry

9. Canadian Baptist Clergy Recruitment in the Twenty-First Century



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