American Promotion of Democracy in Africa, 1988-2000: A Comparison of the Presidential Administrations of George H.W. Bush and William J. Clinton

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This work examines the relationships between U.S. strategic security, trade interests, and democratic enlargement in Africa. The author demonstrates that idiosyncratic presidential actions shaped the outcomes of the policy to export democratic ideals to Africa.


“Dr. Otenyo has performed a valuable service for students of the American presidency, American foreign policy, and those interested in the future of Africa. Most studies of the presidency and foreign policy have tended to focus on other regions of the world, or the conflicts that dominated international politics. Little research has been devoted to examining how American presidents have influenced policy toward Africa, and this book helps to fill that void in our scholarship.” – Prof. Ryan J. Barilleaux, Miami University

“Dr. Eric Otenyo’s book is among the first and finest books to provide a framework for assessing the president’s role of U.S. foreign policy regarding democratization in sub Saharan Africa. Dr. Otenyo analyzes the sources of presidential power and the interests – Prof. Joseph Gardner, Northern Arizona University

“. . . make[s] an important contribution toward understanding diplomatic history of two different eras in U.S-Africa relations. The author argues that promotion of democracy is linked to broader U.S. objectives of enhancing international security and supporting stability in Africa — a vital ingredient for mutual economic cooperation.” – Prof. Maurice N. Amutabi, Central Washington University

Table of Contents

Preface by Ryan J. Barilleaux
Introduction. In Democracy We Trust: U.S. Presidents, Democracy, and Africa
1. Presidents and the Promotion of Democracy Historical Antecedents
2. Presidential Resources: Preparation, Time, and Sense of Power
3. U.S.-Africa Relations: Interests, Alternative Policy Issues, and Democracy
4. Sources of the Presidents’ Democracy Agenda
5. Implementation Specifics: Bush and Clinton on Democratization of Africa
6. Evaluation of Presidential Actions and Initiatives
7. Demonstration Effects and Conclusions
Selected Bibliography

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