Italians in a Multicultural Canada

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Evaluates the effect of the official Canadian policy of multiculturalism, in effect since 1971, on this important Canadian ethnic group.


“. . . provides an interesting synthesis of the history of the Italian community in Canada. Students interested in a general discussion of Italian Canadian history can profit from reading Jansen's opening chapters. . . . exposes a variety of sources and his references to recent works on Italian Canadians is extremely useful. Moreover, Jansen carries us through enormous amounts of historical and sociological studies with considerable diligence.”– Canadian Ethnic Studies

“. . . timely . . . . provides a wealth of information concerning the regional and hometown origins of Canada's post-war Canadian society. . . . offers a positive portrait of the Italians . . . provides plenty of food for thought . . . a useful resource book . . . .” – International Migration Review

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