U.S. Foreign Language Deficit and How It Can Be Effectively Addressed in a Globalized World: A Bibliographic Essay

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An urgent and compelling examination of the foreign language deficit facing the U.S. In an ever expanding global marketplace this is a must-read for government leaders, educators, business leaders and the U.S. public in general.


“Dr. Stein-Smith has argued persuasively that in an increasingly global world, this language deficit challenges our ability to protect our national security, ensure our economic prosperity, and foster our social integration…in a vastly complex global world, which is more and more based on a knowledge economy, the ability to communicate effectively around the globe is more essential than ever.”
-Professor William ‘Pat’ Schuber,
Fairleigh Dickinson University

“The topic is not merely academic but one critical to organizational management and leadership across the public and social sectors.”
-Dr. Joseph Devine,
Fairleigh Dickinson University

“This book is a must-read for educators who are preparing people to work in an increasingly dynamic and global economy. The overwhelming evidence presented demands that funds are found to support foreign language study in the U.S. education system at all levels.”
-Prof. Kirsten Tripodi,
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Dr. Stein-Smith calls for an interdisciplinary approach to developing, teaching and marketing education through “cultural intelligence” supported by foreign language reform. This book is a resource worth reading.”
Prof. Jose Cedillos,
Nova Southeastern University

Table of Contents

Foreword – William “Pat” Schuber, J.D.
Chapter 1 – The U.S. Foreign Language Deficit

The Extent of the U.S. Foreign Language Deficit
Selected Readings on the Extent of the U.S. Language Deficit
Chapter 2 – Foreign Language in Europe: The European Union and beyond
Foreign Language in Europe
Selected Readings from key European Reports
Selected Readings on Language in the European Union and in Europe
Chapter 3 – Foreign Languages beyond Europe
Selected Readings on Foreign Language beyond Europe
Chapter 4 – Closing the Loop: How the Foreign Language Deficit Can be Effectively Addressed in the U.S.
The Next Steps – Our Plan(s) of Action
Selected Plans of Action to Address the U.S. Foreign Language Deficit
Challenges to Foreign Language in the United States
Language Policy and Language Planning, or a Foreign Language Policy and Foreign Language Plan for the United States
Selected Reading on Language Policy and Language Planning
Changing the Paradigm
The next step – a strategic social marketing/social change campaign, including insights from change leadership, and influence and persuasion psychology.
Selected Readings on Marketing and Foreign Languages, Cultural Intelligence, Change Leadership, Social Marketing, and Influence and Persuasion
Chapter 5 – Conclusions
A New Paradigm for Foreign Language Education in the United States
Appendix I
– Essential Core Readings
Appendix II – Essential Readings: Language and Languages in Europe

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