New Way of Thinking About Our Climate Crisis: The Rational-Comprehensive Approach

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This work provides an examination of the scientific evidence of rapid climate change, offering suggestions on combating the crisis to policy makers. The authors show how our thinking must be transformed in order to avert catastrophe.


“[This work] will become the benchmark reference for the report card of the world’s state of health and survival prospects. The authors have done an outstanding intellectual job in marshalling the evidence and arguments, as well as an enormous public service in challenging the climate change skeptics to rebut them. They have also thrown down the gauntlet to the universities, academics and public intellectuals to face up to the challenge of reorienting our civic and economic values towards a sustainable world – and there isn’t much time for us to do it in.” – Prof. Kevin White, Australian National University

“. . .will open up a spirited and original argument . . . exemplifies the desirability among the intelligentsia to propose the unconventional and perhaps unwelcome.” – Prof. Brian Moss, University of Liverpool

“A focus of the work is indeed a plea for the practical rather than the purely theoretical. Too often there is a narrow concentration on the presumed value of generating “solutions” rather than a description of how these solutions might be enacted.” – Prof. Malcolm J. Bond, Flinders University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Kevin White
1. Great Floods Have Flown from Simple Sources: Introduction: Converging Crises and the Threat to Human Civilization
2. With Thy Daring Folly Burn the World: The Meltdown of Climate Change Optimism
3. Full of Sound and Fury: Philosophy Fiddles While the World Burns
4. Poor Naked Wretches: Alone in the Universe with no Gods to Save Us?
5. Conclusion: Out, Out, Brief Candle? To Be or Not to Be is the Only Question Now Notes

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