Cross Border Teaching and the Globalization of Higher Education. Problems of Funding, Curriculum Quality and International Accreditation

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Awarded the Adele Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship
This book critically considers the current trend to global interactivity in the area of Higher Education and asks the question who is all this mobility meant to profit? Drawing a distinction between educational effectiveness and educational efficiency it argues strongly that the focus on student learning ought not to be lost in the international progression towards corporate universities.


“[T]his book is not just about the pressures and preoccupations of a global higher education agora. What Andrys Onsman does is to overlay a complex and nuanced pluricultural dimension over institutions of higher learning and poses some tough questions in so doing. If there is an inevitable and rapidly-accelerating trend towards migration (of academic staff, of ideas and of students) why is it that so many university colleagues are ill-prepared for cross-border teaching? Why do they not theorise their speaking (read lecturing) positions more from the point of view of the learner—the recipient of their experienced view? Why are not more of them multilingual if they are dealing with students who speak two, three or four languages? And why do so many blithely accept the commercialisation of knowledge without examining its ethical implications?” – Prof. Adam Shoemaker, Monash University

“This book will make an excellent key text for contemporary academic development programs and will be useful for both students and scholars in the field of higher education. As importantly, policy-makers, both within institutions and in government, will benefit from its comprehensive analysis of the impact of various contextual variables on the quality of higher education teaching.” – Prof. Marcia Devlin, Deakin University

“The book will be read, debated and argued about (welcomed by Onsman, seemingly keen to ‘throw a few balls into the air’) by keen observers of higher education, senior academics, and those involved (both teachers and participants) in academic staff development.” – Prof. David Murphy, Past President, Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia

Table of Contents

List of Tables
Foreword: Professor Adam Shoemaker
Chapter 1. Cross-border Higher Education
Chapter 2. The Globalisation of Higher Education
Chapter 3. The Corporatisation of Higher Education Management and Leadership Paradigms in Higher Education
Table 1. Management/Leadership Structure
Table 2. Management/leadership Structure
Corporatisation and Government Funding
Accountability and Quality Assurance In Higher Education
Teaching in the Corporate University
Chapter 4. The Massification and Diversification of Higher Education
The Massification of the Higher Education sector
Table 3. Gross Enrolment ratio: 1980-2000 (%)
The Massification of Higher Education Institutions
The Diversification of the Higher Education sector
The Diversification of Higher Education providers
The Diversification of Higher Education students
Chapter 5. The Internationalisation of Higher Education Public profiles and league tables
University rankings and teaching effectiveness
Reward and Value
Table 4. LTPF rankings - first iteration
Public accountability in International Higher Education
Open access to information in Higher Education
Chapter 6. International Academic Staff Mobility
International Approaches to Academic Staff Mobility
An Australian approach to cross-border mobility
The Language of the Cross-Border Academic English as a lingua franca in Higher Education
Native speakers, fluency and communicative effectiveness
Chapter 7. The Learning and Teaching Environment in Higher Education
Core Concepts in Higher Education
Learning Centredness
Transformative Learning
Institutional Compliance
Research Reference
Chapter 8. International accreditation for teaching academics
Teaching training in Higher Education
Academic development and teaching training programs
Setting international standards for teaching in Higher Education
Chapter 9. Evaluating the teaching of the Cross-Border Academic
Chapter 10. . Concluding Comments
Appendix 1
Electronic Resources
General University and Higher Education Websites Accessed

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