Anatomy of Academic Mobbing- Two Cases (softcover edition)

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Examines two cases of academic mobbing, with an introduction explaining the background, context, and significance of the incidents.

Table of Contents

In complementary essays on academic mobbing, two linguistics professors convey the reality of this terrifying social process and how it proceeds from the almost imperceptible signs initial signs to horrific conclusions. Joan Friedenberg sketches an archetypal case, a composite of two cases, and provides a detailed, critical summary of research since the term mobbing was introduced to American readers in the late 1990s. Then, in an essay found on his computer after his death in 2006, Hector Hammerly writes his last scholarly testament: an account of how his long successful career at Simon Fraser University culminated in arrest and imprisonment, media depiction as a prospective mass murderer, and ouster from the faculty.

Editor’s Introduction – Kenneth Westhues
1. The Anatomy of an Academic Mobbing – Joan Friedenberg
2. Mob, v t, to Kill by Pack - Hector Hammerly
Notes on the Authors

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