Winning, Losing, Moving On

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Nine gripping accounts of trouble in professionals’ working lives and how they dealt with it. Editorial introductions show how each account sheds light on the basic process of workplace mobbing. One professor tells how he escaped a poisonous work environment, another how he survived in one. A third (before his suicide) traces the steps to his dismissal. A pacifist teacher, a renowned surgeon, a dramatist - their stories are all here. Contributors: the late David S. Clarke, Southern Illinois; Jacob Neusner, Bard College; Ross A. Klein, Memorial of Newfoundland; Doug Giebel, Montana State; Charles F. Howlett, Molloy College; Robert F. Fleissner, Central State; Geary H. Larrick, Stevens Point, WI; Ursula A. Falk, therapist, Buffalo, NY; Gerhard Falk, Buffalo State; and a newcomer surgeon.


"Professor Westhues is to be deeply congratulated on the terrifying vision of institutional evil which he has presented to us. Such things are permitted to exist, largely because people cannot believe how bad they are; the great weapon to be used against them is publicity. I myself would find such allegations incredible, but for a case intimately known to myself." - Hugo Meynell, Fellow, Royal Canadian Society, Calgary

"A massive achievement." - A. Frank Thompson, Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo

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